February 2017
High-Impact Learning: A Powerful Way We Are Transforming Lives at Adelphi

Each and every day, I am inspired by Adelphi’s mission to change students’ lives. Everywhere I look, I see that Adelphi is making a difference, and--equally thrilling--we are being recognized for it.

Recently, we received the wonderful news that New York state will be a partner in helping us reach our goal to transform health sciences teaching and research. The state has generously granted us more than $100,000 to build a new health sciences teaching laboratory.

With this new high-tech lab, we will dramatically enhance the experiences of our future doctors, nurses, audiologists, biotechnology executives, neuroscientists and other health services leaders.

Our new lab is just one exciting example of our commitment to high-impact learning—learning that is participatory, engaging and often transformational.

I wanted to take a moment to share with you a few more inspiring examples of the ways that our high-impact approach is changing our students’ education and, ultimately, their lives.

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Christine M. Riordan, Ph.D.
Internships for Our Business Majors Are Up More Than 130 Percent—A Record High
In 2016, our Robert B. Willumstad School of Business placed 301 students in internships—a jump of more than 130 percent over 2015. That means that about one-third of Adelphi’s undergraduate business students held internships at more than 200 organizations across Long Island, and we're pushing for even more in New York City. Equally impressive is that 98 percent of the internships are paid. Learn more about our high-impact internship program here.  
A Life-Changing Experience in Cuba
Dan McElory traveled to Cuba last year as part of a groundbreaking study-abroad course led by three of our communications faculty members. He went to document a country in transition and came away transformed by the experience. In this video documentary, he and his collaborators movingly portray Cuba's talented artists and their growing influence.
Children, Peace and Violence isn't just a course, it's one of those deep-dive, out-of-the-classroom Adelphi experiences you won't find anywhere else. Professor Devin Thornburg, Ph.D., introduces freshmen to what he calls
"high-impact learning through community action." The projects range from tutoring children in high-risk neighborhoods to raising awareness of gun violence and human trafficking. This class and others like it are profoundly impacting students' lives. Learn more here
This summer, high school students will make their own short films while earning college credit at Adelphi. Our popular Summer Pre-College program gives students a taste of campus life and inspires many of them to enroll at Adelphi. This coming summer, we’re adding Digital Filmmaking to our course offerings. Students will get hands-on experience using cameras, lights and sound equipment, and editing software and will ultimately show their work in screenings. Learn more about this one-of-a-kind experience here.
Nursing major Dominick Bacchi had a transformational experience last summer when he participated in our Jaggar Community Fellows Program. As part of this revolutionary paid summer internship program, he worked at Winthrop-University Hospital, where he gained a new perspective on the business side of nursing and a potential new career path. More of our students are pursuing their passions and exploring careers via internships. Learn more here
With an innovative speech therapy program for adults, our student clinicians are changing lives—including their own. At the Hy Weinberg Center for Communication Disorders, graduate students run semester-long group therapy sessions for adults with communication difficulties. The experience often leads to breakthroughs for clients and for students, who see their careers in a new light. Learn more about this high-impact experience here.   
We believe that students learn best from unforgettable experiences—ones that can best be created in small classes and through close faculty mentoring. With small class sizes in every department and a wealth of opportunities to collaborate with faculty on research, creative work, and academic and professional conferences, Adelphi connects the classroom with the real world on an individualized scale. No matter where they start, students embark on a journey of self-discovery that leads to personal and professional growth. Learn more here.  
Adelphi provides powerful services for our military students, who can face unexpected challenges as they pursue an education. Now Perry Greene, Ph.D., vice president for diversity and inclusion, and Christina A. Wease '08, University College academic adviser, are spearheading an initiative to strengthen this support system with resources such as mentoring programs, focus groups and career counseling. "We aim to connect our military students with each other and the broader community," Dr. Greene says. Learn more here.  
The Latest Panther News: Athletics Update

Rebecca Gotterbarn Bowls Her Way to Junior Team USA 2017

Panthers women’s bowling team member Rebecca Gotterbarn is living her dream as a new member of Junior Team USA 2017—an elite group of young athletes who represent the United States in competitions around the world. She earned this opportunity of a lifetime at the team trials in early January. An outstanding student-athlete, she credits her experience at Adelphi with giving her the confidence to represent her country internationally.

To keep up with the Panthers on the road, tune in to our free live and on-demand streaming service, aupanthers.tv#HailAdelphi

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