October 2017
Career kick starting: New ways we help students land life-changing careers
What is success in a workforce changing so fast that whole industries are disappearing overnight?

If we look around campus at Adelphi University, we are already seeing it. Take senior Richard Bedard ’s new physical therapy app, which has been downloaded thousands of times since he launched it. Richard, the mastermind behind the idea, coded it with skills learned at Adelphi and found his own funding. The fact that Richard has cerebral palsy inspired—but did not hinder—his success.

In other ways, Adelphi is stepping up with new programs to help students find their way in a changing workforce landscape. We are working directly with employers and companies around the New York area to create more internships and more mentoring. We’re creating new majors and new programs to help keep up with hiring trends; this requires one foot in the hiring world to watch trends and the other foot in academic schools to create programs to match. This direct relationship between what employers want and what colleges offer is often disconnected, but at Adelphi, it is at the heart of our mission : Relentless dedication to student success.

Whether it’s recent graduate Erin Mallon ’02 having her newest play produced , or Danielle Hyatt ’16 starting her new chatbot design position at IBM because Adelphi helped her become—in her words—“IBM-ready,” our role in helping students find careers is growing. And the proof is in the numbers: Within a year of graduation, 97 percent are working or in graduate school.

We got a letter last month from recent graduate Griffin Lord ’16 that sums it up for me: “I have some good news careerwise to share: I just got a job this week...as a layout and ad designer! I start today (I’m actually in my office right now), and I’m taking today to sort of learn the ropes and ease myself into things, but it seems like a great fit so far.”

That Griffin reached out to Adelphi on his very first day in a job he thinks is a perfect fit says a lot about what we do—and who we are as a university.

Please read more below about ways we’re building career success for our students.
Christine M. Riordan, Ph.D.
Interns in jeans and wading boots: A new approach to internships
Not-for-profit enterprises, like hospitals and charities, are too often overlooked as places to start and build careers. Adelphi is changing that with the Jaggar Community Fellows Program, which places student interns all around Long Island and New York City, manning food banks, museums—even oyster farms for Friends of the Bay. 
Social work at Adelphi: Small classes yield big university rankings
 Best MSW Programs has published its annual ranking of the nation’s top 50 schools for Master of Social Work programs, and Adelphi University, despite being one of the smallest in size, made the list—ranking above much larger schools such as Tulane University and the University of South Carolina. Adelphi students find fieldwork placements in hundreds of diverse health, mental health and social services agencies.
Getting college courses and majors to reflect a shifting job market is a challenge for any university. Adelphi has learned to watch changes in industries and hiring trends, respond fast, and create the programs where hiring is strongest. Half future forecasting and half hard work, here's how Adelphi gets it done and is earning higher enrollment because of it.
Preparing students for their first job should go much deeper than interview tips. Read how Adelphi is prepping students to overcome every challenge in getting started in the working world—right down to some students learning correct etiquette for a dinner meeting. Sometimes like the "Which fork is for salad?" scene out of Pretty Woman , sometimes a mock interview, Adelphi is helping hiring happen.
What are the top-10 high-impact educational practices? In this story, we share the list from the Association of American Colleges and Universities and discuss how these exceptional learning experiences can be spread across an entire university not just relegated to classrooms. That means participation by clubs, study abroad, internships, athletics, community service and nearly everyone else. 
Want to know what makes women successful in business?   So do many Adelphi students. Our Center for Career and Professional Development and Alumni Relations created their first Women's Leadership Conference—where professionals will provide advice about success, the power of networking, and other tips that help young glass-ceiling breakers gain confidence.
As the health and wellness field shifts and changes, so do the duties and roles of nurses. In response to changes, our College of Nursing and Public Health has created innovative nursing programs for urgent new hiring needs. One new program, Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, has employers calling for graduates before the program has even started. 
When a program triples in attendance, you know it is working.  See how our Leadership Certificate Program is helping to make our graduates stand out in the crowd and how it provides the opportunity for them to learn valuable skills for the workplace—skills that serve them well, long after they are hired.
Athletics Update
Adelphi men's soccer team appears among the top-10 nationally
September featured the beginning of all our fall sports competitions and welcomed our returning athletes and the newest members of the Panther family. Nearly all teams have begun working out and training and have been outfitted in gear featuring the new Adelphi logos. Our men's soccer team appears in the top 10 in their respective national poll and both the men and women were slated to finish first in the Northeast-10 Conference, according to the preseason coaches' poll. All of our teams can be supported at home or on the road by visiting their respective schedule pages on  aupanthers.com  and following the links. All home events (Motamed Field/Center for Recreation and Sports) are streamed live and free on  aupanthers.tv
Alumni Making a Difference: Bill Fuessler, IBM
Bill Fuessler ’79 , Global Financial Strategy and Transformation Leader for IBM Global Business Services and one of our trustees, has been opening the doors of IBM to deserving Adelphi students—bringing them life-changing career opportunities.
Momentum Tour 2017–2018: Stories of Lives Changed: Hear Ours, Tell Yours will be in Garden City, New York , and St. Louis, Missouri , this month. I welcome alumni, potential students, families and all those who would like to hear how we are transforming lives.