Directors Update

Hello CAHL friends and family,

I do hope this newsletter finds you healthy and safe at home. As I type from my couch, I am listening to my kids play, thinking about the day ahead filled with e-learning, working, digesting news, making sure to get my kids outside, keeping us all active and well fed with healthy food - it all seems overwhelming. The need to be present is more important than ever. I am working on that every day. I hope you all are able to find good balance as we move forward in this uncertain, historic time.

Here is the message I want to get out to you today: Increasing personal health resilience is key in this pandemic. We know that underlying conditions greatly increase the risk of severe illness with COVID-19. There has never been a better time to quit vaping/smoking, get your blood pressure under control, make sure that if you have diabetes that it is well controlled, or get regular physical activity.

Not only is physical health important, but mental health is of the utmost importance as well. Late last week, the health equity team for the tobacco prevention and control program had a call and talked a lot about the effects of isolation for anyone with a form of addiction or mental health. We talked about how vulnerable populations experiencing isolation can be highly susceptible to relapse. It's important to remember those who need us most. Ourselves included. I challenge us all to be “physically distant, but socially close”. Keep reaching out to people, keep letting people know you care, keep lifting people up. Together we can get through this.

As I always say, reach out to anyone at CAHL. We cannot meet for coffee right now, but myself, Hannah, Emma, and Annie are here for you.

Sending a big huge virtual hug for you all. May you feel peace, love and some joy today. 

Meet our New Intern!
Hello All!

I hope this finds everyone safe and doing the best they can to take care of themselves and loved ones during this extremely wild and uncertain time. 

My name is Milissa Bethe (pronounced Beth-like the girls name) and I am the education policy expert intern at CAHL. I live in Appleton with my wonderful husband of 9 years, Nic, and two amazing, energetic boys: Ben- 7 years old and Will- 5 years old.

For the last 14 years, I have worked in education as an interpreter for the deaf and hard of hearing. I love teaching and working with children and the way they make us see the world! My job allows me to work with adults and children from all different backgrounds, and every year I transition to new people and sometimes places (following students I work with). In my free time, I enjoy golfing, walking, cooking, getting outside as much as possible, and spending time with my family and friends.

To further my career, I returned to school and I will graduate in May 2020 with a degree in Human Services from UW- Oshkosh. Education is one aspect of the nonprofit world that people tend to forget about, so I am excited to gain knowledge and experience in a different avenue.

When I started at CAHL, I had little knowledge of the tobacco world. But through this internship, I have been gained insight into the depth and breadth of ATODA prevention work, all while fine tuning my communication, interpersonal and Excel skills. I would like to thank Wendy for all her guidance, understanding, and extreme flexibility during this time.
Drug Free Communities
REACH Takes over Washington DC
In February, REACH coalition members including two youth members, Sophie Brandt and Ella Russell attended the 30th National Leadership Forum in Washington D.C.

The week long training was not only jam packed with knowledge, but celebrated REACH graduating the National Coalition Academy, required for all first year Drug Free Community Grantees.

Throughout the week, REACH’s youth prepared to visit the Capital and talk to their local legislators about the importance of a DFC coalition in their community. They even had an opportunity to talk to Rep. Mike Gallagher about the harms of vaping and how it is effecting their community.
Spreading Kindness in Stockbridge High School with RAISE
RAISE, a group created in partnership with Rise Together and REACH, empowers youth to create a positive change within their peers, school, and community.

“The amount of passion and happiness that the youth have been sharing with us in just a few short months has been nothing short of incredible.” Hannah, REACH’s Youth Coordinator states.

To kick off the Kindness Month, RAISE youth created personalized notes of encouragement and positivity, and stuck them on each student’s locker in the High School.
National Prescription Drug Take Back Day Postponed

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, April 25, 2020 has been canceled. 

For disposal sites and info visit the link below.
Help WI Shape Underage Drinking Prevention Efforts!

We invite you to complete a short survey on underage drinking from Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Help to shape future campaigns to prevent underage drinking .
We're excited to announce the formation of a new FACT group at Kaukauna High School. FACT will become a key part of their already established LEAD club. Their goal is to get involved with River View Middle School to stop the thought of tobacco use before it even starts.

Hannah, our FACT coordinator, states “I am excited and optimistic about this new opportunity in Outagamie County.”

As a youth-driven movement of Wisconsin Teens, FACT is determined to help spread the truth about tobacco. This state-wide youth-driven movement has more than 30 groups around our state of Wisconsin.
Stay in the know
Q&A on smoking and COVID-19

Smokers are likely to be more vulnerable to COVID-19 as the act of smoking means that fingers (and possibly contaminated cigarettes) are in contact with lips which increases the possibility of transmission of virus from hand to mouth. Smokers may ...

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Sober Apps: New Tools to Help Those in Recovery
Addiction counseling, in-person meetings, new hobbies – all of these activities are used by those in recovery. You can now add smartphone applications (apps) to this list. 

World Health Organization - Eastern Mediterranean Region

Since waterpipe smoking is typically an activity that takes place within groups in public settings and waterpipe use increases the risk of transmission of diseases, it could also encourage the transmission of COVID-19 in social gatherings. " What ...

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COVID-19: The connection to smoking and vaping plus...

It’s more important than ever for smokers to quit and for young people to stop using all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes. Overcoming nicotine addiction is difficult and new stress may be a trigger to smoke, but there are resources to help.

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Quit Line

Get Free Medications, Live Coaching and Web Forums The Quit Line is free, sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Call 800-784-8669 or hit "CLICK TO CALL" above to have a coach call you at a time you select. Your quit coach can...

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How colleges can help their students quit vaping

As e-cigarette use among young people continues to escalate, colleges are grappling with how to address vaping on campus. Here are three ways that colleges and universities across the country, are addressing quitting on their campuses.

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Free and low-cost options to help tobacco users during...

Free and Low-cost Options to Help Tobacco Users During COVID-19 Pandemic brought to you by the Ex Program. There's never been a better, or more important, time for employers to offer tobacco cessation.

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Wisconsin Wins is a science-based, state-level initiative designed to decrease youth access to tobacco products. Through Wins, investigations or compliance checks, are conducted to facilitate retailer compliance with the law. 

For more information about WI Wins, visit
In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, WI Wins compliance investigations have been suspended. We will resume when guidelines are lifted, and it is safe for everyone to participate. In the meantime, CAHL will continue to connect with local retailers to share information and resources to keep tobacco out of the hands of youth.

We would like to remind you that vape, tobacco, and CBD shops are non-essential businesses according to Governor Evers’ Emergency Order #12 “Safer at Home Order," and should be closed for business, including drive up and delivery, at this time.