Announcement from the Archdeacon
To: All the faithful
From: The Archdeacon
Re: June 11th
Date: April 27, 2023
Announcing "Deacon Crawl" 2023
For a second year our community of deacons is participating in the Province 1 Deacon Day. We call it the "Deacon Crawl." The purpose of the day is to send our deacons out to congregations that don't have a deacon. At their assigned congregations, they exercise the deacon's ministry and answer questions about the role of the deacon in the Church. Below is a list of deacons and where they will serve on June 11th. I know you will welcome them warmly.
The Ven. Jane Griesbach
Sunday, June 11th
All Saints, Worcester:
Michael Hamilton                     

St. Mark’s Leominster:
Jane Griesbach & Beatrice Kayigwa

Trinity, Ware:
Pat O’Connell

Grace, Amherst:
Jac Essing

St. John’s, Athol:
Jason Burns

Christ Trinity, Sheffield:
Sharon Billetter

St. John’s, Williamstown:
Margot Page

St. Luke’s, Lanesboro:
Terry Hurlbut

Trinity, Lenox:
St. Helena’s, Lenox:
Lora Smith

Trinity, Whitinsville:
St. John’s, Millville:
Audrey Cronin

Trinity, Shewsbury:
Dianne Wilson
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Province 1 School for Deacons video series
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