Trying on college
As he reflects on the time spent this summer with prospective Beacon College students, shivers run down mathematics instructor Angel Maldonado’s spine. He marvels at the transformation he sees in young high school students from the day they arrive for the three-week Summer For Success program to their final day. READ MORE
Fogg lights the way with continued altruism
Beacon College recently received a $160,000 grant from The Edward C. Fogg, III and Lizbeth A. Fogg Charitable Trust to support the construction of its Intramural and Fitness Center and to fund scholarships for disadvantaged students with learning and attention issues. READ MORE
LD thought leadership
Beacon College and its thought leaders were included in a special report produced by The Chronicle of Higher Education examining accessibility on college campuses. The chapter, “Easing the Transition from High School to College,” features the college and insight from Alex Morris-Wood, vice president of program development and global partnerships, and illustrates best practices that other colleges can learn from Beacon College, which specializes in teaching students with learning differences. The publication is available in The Chronicle store. 
Later, (Navi)Gator
In 2015, after staving off challengers to serve as the Beacon College Navigators mascot including “Globie,” a globe figure that symbolized navigation, “Flare,” an energetic flame from the Beacon torch, and “Compass Man,” another nod to navigation, the mighty “NaviGator” emerged victorious from the swamp.

For eight years, NaviGator served as the mascot and battling spirit of Beacon College and its nascent athletics program. That was then.

Now, with the College’s burgeoning sports program and new national presence thanks to Beacon’s admittance into the United States College Athletics Association, the time has come for fresh blood.

That means saying goodbye to the NaviGator, who will retire to the swamp with the College’s thanks and best wishes.

His replacement: a new, bold icon -- conceived in a student-driven process -- that embodies the grace, drive, and passion that characterizes Beacon students.

What mascot will gallop in as NaviGator’s successor?

All will be revealed on August 21 as Beacon College blazes an exciting, new era!
Telling his truth
Beacon junior Joshua Hansen was featured in a yearlong visual series produced by The Chronicle of Higher Education that highlights the challenges facing students from underrepresented and underserved communities. The series is part of the Different Voices of Student Success project, which is supported by the Ascendium Education Group. Hansen shares the challenges he encountered navigating his autism-spectrum disorder and the triumphs he enjoyed thanks to supportive parents and the community he enjoys at Beacon College. You can view the segment here.

Coaching them up
Brandon Raines has worn many hats in his career in sports and education — from teacher, tutor, mentor, and recruiter to athletic director and coach. In his latest quest, Raines has donned the cap of Beacon College’s new assistant athletic director and head coach of the women’s basketball team. Compared with his past roles, Raines sees the Beacon job as potentially the most challenging — but most rewarding. READ MORE
Unstoppable force
From a life often marked by angst and pain, first-time author Adrienne Hughes Paul, ’16, has set her sights on creating a world of encouragement and triumph, themes highlighted in her new fantasy book. READ MORE
Dorina Rose Burns (Shayne), ’10, marked 14 months working at The Cottages at Lake Park Senior Living & Memory Care in Marinette, Wis. She also will be pursuing her bachelor of science in nursing at either Northern Wisconsin Technical College or the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay. Said Burns: “I am so happy to go back and accomplish a goal I always wanted to complete.”
Phillip Gottdenker, ’03, of Wildwood, Fla., is now a travel agent. He works for a host company called Archer Travel Inc.
Alumni Updates
Submit your Beacon College alumni updates, news, weddings, births, career changes, etc. for consideration in the next issue of the "Lighting the Path" newsletter. We look forward to hearing from you! EMAIL US
On the job(s)
Melissa Bradley has a mantra that she has helped spread across Beacon College’s Juan & Lisa Jones Center for Career Preparation: “All ways. Always.” That approach to helping students as the center’s new director means understanding that each case is different, especially at a school like Beacon College, which specializes in students with a variety of learning disabilities. READ MORE
Moving on up
Beacon College promoted Dana Manzo and Alex Morris-Wood in July to vice president roles expanding the College’s programs and services for students with learning differences. READ MORE
Dr. William Nesbitt | The Rockpit | ALBUM REVIEW: Metallica – 72 Seasons and The Rockpit | LIVE REVIEW: The Cure with special guests The Twilight Sad
Dr. Nicki Nance saw her horror fiction story “Terror Rising” published in July in the Flashes of Nightmare Anthology.” Nance’s second story, “Monster of the Monongahela,” was published last month in “The River in Us All.” 
"A World of Difference: Embracing Neurodiversity"
July’s episode of “A World of Difference: Embracing Neurodiversity” explores how to have age-appropriate conversations about learning differences with your neurodivergent child. You’ll meet the Palumbo family which has treated regular talks about learning differences as second nature since their son’s diagnosis. Our expert panel guides parents to age-appropriate language to use from kindergarten through college for affirming talks with their neurodivergent children. And you’ll meet our latest “Difference Maker,” Lucas Boyce, an author, consultant, and motivational speaker who went from the low of entering foster care with developmental delays days after birth to the high of soaring across America in Air Force One as a valued presidential advisor.
Parents Weekend

Join us for Parents Weekend on Oct. 6-8, 2023. The faculty and staff look forward to meeting our new parents and getting reacquainted with our returning parents and families. This weekend is a perfect occasion to reconnect with your students and discover the many ways Beacon College is making an impact on their future.
Salon Speaker Series

Creating Art in Motion: A Seminar on Dance Choreography with Marshall Ellis

The three-dimensional art created through movement and dance is a unique experience, designed with the audience in mind. Similar to how music has the ability to evoke emotions in the listener, dance choreography paints pictures for the viewer in real time. Through dance performances and discussion, attendees will understand how choreography — a sequence of steps oftentimes set to music — can be used to connect with the audience’s participation. This understanding will boost your appreciation for dance as a performance art.

We're kicking off the Salon POP! Series with a BANG! Join us on Aug. 28 at 7 p.m. at The Savannah Center (1545 Buena Vista Blvd., The Villages). AWESOME!

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