Exporting knowledge
Over half a decade since its work in the United Arab Emirates began, Beacon College is exploring a new chapter in its partnership with that country’s leading advocacy group for students with learning differences. READ MORE
Succor in song
From the vistas of Alaska to the lights of the Windy City, the journey has been surreal for Remy Partlow, ’19, who overcame adversity to experience self-discovery at Beacon and graduate near the top of their class. They now share their journey in a new musical — on which they collaborated with Beacon professor Dr. Zachary Isrow. A play in which the main character Raven escapes similar peril to search for the stars of her constellation — that is, her hopes and dreams. READ MORE
Waymakers for learning
The learning specialists at Beacon College know they must build strong connections not only with the students but also with the parents. It’s not easy though to put your faith in someone new if before coming to Beacon, your past was filled with academic failures, a lack of resources or you hadn’t found someone else who believed in you. READ MORE
Making headlines
Beacon junior Vincent (“Vinny”) Ferdock published in December an op-ed column in The Orlando Sentinel. In the column titled, “We need space. But should we fire the astronauts,” the human services major wonders whether there are more pressing matters on earth than in outer space. You can read the column HERE.
Missed the Lady Navigators game against the University of Florida club team last month? You can watch the spirited contest by clicking the image.
If you missed the Beacon College men’s basketball game in December versus Florida College you can view the battle by clicking the image. (Fast forward to 15:30).
Dr. James Williams, interim director of career advisement, development, and partnership, appeared on the "Different Brains" podcast where he discussed career advisement for the neurodivergent. You can listen to the episode HERE
Drs. A.J. Marsden and Nicki Nance in December conducted a virtual professional development seminar for Northern Oklahoma College. They discussed how to teach and work with students with learning disabilities and how to work with students’ parents. The college afterward confirmed its plans to launch a parent’s workshop (similar to Beacon's) and implement several techniques shared in their presentation. Marsden and Nance reprised the topic last month for a podcast for the National Organization of Human Services. 
Emily Marra, ’22, earned an honorable mention recognition for her mixed-media piece, “A Melting World” in the Art Show International Gallery’s International Juried Art Competition, 3rd WATER. You can view the winners HERE. 
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December’s episode of “A World of Difference: Embracing Neurodiversity” explores learning differences around the globe through interviews with international experts (including Beacon President George Hagerty) and introduces a British Difference Maker who’s putting a neurodivergent spin on PR. Click the image to watch.
The January edition of the 2022-23 Beacon Salon Speaker Series features food historian Sarah Lohman on January 26 with her presentation, "Historical Female Poisoners." First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes … a little bit of rat poison in their coffee cup. When love goes wrong, out comes the Victorian obsession with female poisoners: delicate and seductive, these ladies made headlines in the age of yellow journalism for offing their lovers with poisoned food. Hear their stories and … hey, wait ... does this taste like almonds? REGISTER TODAY
 “A comeback is a setback that did its homework, learned the lesson, and then moved forward.” 
Eleanor Brownn