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September 27, 2021 Regional Council Meetings
Muncho Lake Campground
Regional Council received a letter from JIm Standen, Assistant Deputy Minister, BC Parks and Conservation Officer Service Division in response to letter sent from NRRM July 19 inquiring when the development of further campsites at Muncho Lake may be expected. Due to increased demand on the current park, the province acquired the land at Muncho Lake. BC Parks advises that they have a number of steps to complete in advance of any development:
  • Adding the land to Muncho Lake Park through legislative amendments
  • Conducting assessments and report on site to assist in addressing health, safety and BC Parks facility standards
  • Completely any necessary improvements identified above; and
  • Working with the Park Operator to determine feasibility of adding new inventory into the reservation system.
Animal Rescue Update
At the May 25, 2021 Council meeting, Regional Council requested a review of the current Animal Control and Pound Keeping contracts as well as alternative options for animal control and sheltering services.

After receiving the Animal Rescue Update, Regional Council directed staff to move forward with investigating how to better utilize our current contractor services.
BC Caribou Recovery Program
The British Columbia (BC) Caribou Recovery Program is seeking input from stakeholders, interest groups and the citizens of BC on a five-year approval for continued predator reduction to support the recovery of caribou, recommencing in the winter of 2021-2022. 
Regional Council directed staff to come back once they have liaised with the stakeholders and explored our options.
2021 Asphalt & Road Base Project Update
Roadworks projects for 2021, including asphalt patching, road overlays, and road reconstruction, were awarded to Terus Construction (DGS Astro) in May of this year.

On September 13th, Terus informed NRRM they will be unable to secure materials for the project, and requested an extension into next year. NRRM will investigate options to limit similar issues in future.
Prophet River First Nation ( IR #4) Proposed Addition
Prophet River Indian Reserve #4 is currently 380 hectares in area, and is seeking a proposed Addition to Reserve (ATR) area of 371.7 hectares. Indigenous Services Canada is requesting technical comments from the NRRM regarding this addition.

A review of information related to this proposed ATR land was completed. The NRRM is currently working with Public Services and Procurement Canada and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to determine jurisdiction of a closed landfill area located in the northeast corner of FL 4341. An additional analysis will be undertaken to evaluate the impact to taxation converting these fee simple properties to reserve land. Any considerations resulting from the analysis will be submitted in due course.
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