From the Bishop
New Update on Bishop Megan Rohrer
and the Sierra Pacific Synod
June 7, 2022

Dear members and friends of the Pacifica Synod,

Yesterday afternoon, June 6, I sent you information about the situation in the Sierra Pacific Synod, including my support for the actions of Bishop Eaton in suspending and disciplining Bishop Megan Rohrer, which you may read here. Soon after that message was sent, I learned that Bishop Rohrer had made public a letter of resignation, saying they had resigned on Saturday, June 4. You may read that resignation letter here. As far as I know, this information was not given to the Presiding Bishop nor to anyone in the Conference of Bishops prior to it being made public on social media, and it certainly was not known by me. If I had known the resignation was given on Saturday, you would have received a different message from me yesterday.

Nevertheless, I am grateful Bishop Rohrer chose to resign, and I ask you to continue to pray for the Sierra Pacific Synod, for the church, for an end to systemic racism, and for all those affected by all that has taken place. Please pray also for Bishop Rohrer and their family. God be with the church and help us live out our call to be followers of Jesus for the sake of the world.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Andrew A. Taylor, Bishop
Pacifica Synod of the ELCA
Together in Christ we equip, accompany, and serve boldly
so all may experience God’s boundless grace.
Together in Christ we are Pacifica Synod!
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