Dr. Jay Dostal Named New FHS Principal

The Board voted 7-0 to approve the recommendation of Superintendent Dr. Matthew Wendt to hire Dr. Jay Dostal as the new principal of Fayetteville High School, effective July 1, 2018. Dr. Dostal currently serves as the principal for Kearney High School in Kearney, Nebraska, a position he has held since 2010.
Seventh Grade Athletics Approved

The Board voted unanimously to approve the addition of seventh grade athletics. This would include basketball, cheer, cross country, dance, football, track, and volleyball.

Washington Elementary Playground

The Board voted unanimously to approve a recommendation to redesign the playground at Washington Elementary School due to drainage, terrain, and other issues.
Diploma Options

The Board voted unanimously to approve a recommendation to provide three options for graduating seniors for their diplomas. Students may choose between having Fayetteville High School, Fayetteville Virtual Academy, or ALLPS School of Innovation printed on their diploma.

Recognition Awards

The Fayetteville High School Student Council received a Recognition of Outstanding Achievement Award for raising $17,000 for the Families in Transition Program from their annual Homeless Vigil.

Hannah Fleming, who is the registrar at the ALLPS School of Innovation, received an Above & Beyond Award from the Education Committee of the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce for her outstanding work.
Holcomb Attendance Zone

Due to the high enrollment at Holcomb Elementary School, Dr. Wendt informed the Board that there will be a freeze on the enrollment of first through fourth grade students. Kindergarten enrollment will be capped at 154 (7 classes of 22) beginning in the fall semester of 2018, with priority being given to siblings of current students and then by order of enrollment date.

New first through fourth grade students in the Holcomb attendance zone will be enrolled in Owl Creek as if Owl Creek was their zoned school. Transportation will be provided.

Owl Creek School will keep a record of Holcomb zoned students who were enrolled at Owl Creek for use in the event the Holcomb freeze is ended in the future.
School Board Policy Changes

The Board voted unanimously to approve revisions to five current policies. The policy changes can be viewed on pages 47-59 in the meeting agenda.

The Board also heard recommendations from Dr. Larry Ben, Associate Superintendent for Administration, on proposed changes to five current policies. 

NEW: The Fayetteville Board of Education values staff and community input on proposed new and revised board policies.  New and revised policies will be posted to the district website with the option to provide comment, following each school board meeting where they are presented as a new business item.  Comments will be reviewed prior to the next meeting of the school board where the policy is presented as an action item.


Click here to read and comment on the proposed changes.
FHS Custodial Services Approved

The Board voted unanimously to approve a recommendation to purchase custodial services at Fayetteville High School from SSC for a 15-month period beginning March 19, 2018. The 16 current FHS custodians will relocate to other facilities within the school district.

2019-20 Proposed Budget of Expenditures

The Board voted unanimously to approve the proposed budget of expenditures for the 2019-2020 school year.

Financial Audit Accepted

The Board voted unanimously to accept the 2017 financial audit from Hudson, Cisne & Company. The audit report noted the district's use of sound accounting principles and found no financial irregularities.

Transportation Purchases Approved

The Board voted unanimously to approve the purchase three new school buses for use on daily routes and a new refrigeration truck for use in transporting products for the school cafeterias.