Reading the Book of Esther along with a great bottle of wine – a wonderful way to spend Shabbat!

All current, past and future TBC members are welcome to join us for a very special Purim Shabbat Celebration. Festivities start at 7:30pm on Friday, Feb 26th with an abbreviated Shabbat service followed by a highly participatory Purim megillah reading, trivia and wine tasting.
For this holiday we traditionally practice 3 mitzvot:  The giving of gifts (Shalach Manot), listening to (and participating in) the reading of the Megillah (Story of Esther) and drinking of alcohol (hence the wine-tasting activities).

Rabbi Rava said: It is one’s duty to make oneself fragrant [with wine] on Purim until one cannot tell the difference between ‘arur Haman‘ (cursed be Haman) and ‘barukh Mordekhai’ (blessed be Mordecai)” (Babylonian Talmud, Megillah 7b).

In partnership with two of our wonderful local wine merchants (Anconas Wines and Cellar XV), the evening will intersperse readings from the Megillah with trivia and tastings of these suggested wines.  

Anconas Wines (Wilton) Suggestions:  
  • Nortico—delicious, mineral driven Albarino from Portugal. $14.99 (WHITE)
  • Dos Molinos—the mild, fruity Spanish rendition of Grenache. $14.99 (RED)
  • Nau Cannonnau di Sardegna—a Sardinian specialty. $16.99 (RED)

To place an order with Anconas, everything is done online. Just copy the link into your browser and follow the directions.

Cellar XV (Ridgefield) Suggestions:
  • Pazo Castrelo Albarino from Spain.  $14.40 (WHITE)
  • Querci Antica Lacrima di Morro d’ Alba from Italy.  $15.30 (RED)
  • Vara y Pulgar Tintilla from Spain.  $18.00 (RED)
To place an order with Cellar XV call 203 894-8690 and mention TBC (Temple B’nai Chaim).
Order as many or as few bottles as you want. Our merchants have priced these choices at a discount (~10%) but there is no minimum order obligation.  You are also free to choose wines from your own household – or non-alcoholic beverages. 
Please come join us for an event that “ticks all the boxes”; community, spirituality and fun while still being nestled safely at home. To participate, click here to register and get the Zoom info. Don't forget your costumes and masks.
There is no charge for the event, but if you wish to donate to TBC click here and/or make a donation to one of the local food pantries. Your generosity is always appreciated.

For questions or information, call or email Susan Farber (203) 912-2521 or