AirVenture - Diamonds On A Stick

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JULY 30, 2016 - NOON Central (1500 UTC) 
Diamonds On A Stick! 
JULY 30 @ Noon Central (1500 UTC)

Diamonds On A Stick!

Visit AirVenture with Captain Judy, her all female collegiate Air Race Crew, and the Diamond Aircraft Industries experts as they share the unique features of their aircraft. 

The DA40XL airplane has been donated by Angel City Flyers for Rice's 2017 Air Race Classic.  During this video, you will learn more about why this is the perfect airplane for Captain Judy's race to the finish.  You will also have the opportunity to hear from the Diamond Aircraft Industries experts about the DA42 and why Capt Judy choose this aircraft to earn her multi-engine rate. 

BONUS FEATURE: The new, beautiful DA62 will be on-hand, and more.

Angel City Flyers powerful Women crew & donated Diamond DA40

A personalized certificate of accomplishment can be earned after watching this event and taking a short quiz about Diamonds On a Stick!  Watch for the link to the quiz posted on each broadcasted recorded video.
A YouthWINGS Production
We invite you to join Captain Rice & her Crew on the 2017 Women's Air Race Classic! Your donation will increase the number of students across the nation, interested in and inspired by aviation and aerospace, especially among under-represented groups such as girls and minorities as they follow the Crew on their journey on the race to the finish.

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