June 2021 Edition
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A Silver – Lining – Can We Be That Fortunate

Not to sound cliché but there are several “silver-linings” from the COVID-19 pandemic. Not to downplay the tragedies inflicted on so many people and families, I try to apply some of the more positive outcomes from which we have learned.

Consider our overall health. According to health officials it was announced that the annual flu season was most likely the mildest on record. As a parent, I see this firsthand not only with the flu but with the overall health of my children. No colds, no infections and very little to no complaints about those general illnesses that cripple our everyday lives.

Business leaders, many but not all, do say that they are experiencing several unforeseen “silver-linings” that have lifted spirits, improved productivity and cemented relationships with staffers that will remain well after the pandemic leaves. Listed were (1) Feeling safe and knowing that employers prioritize safety at work. (2) Empathy from management as an “employee first” mentality has risen among the ranks. (3) “Increased productivity” as many workers say that they feel more productive when given the option to work from home. As we transition to the summer months, I hope that we can find that “silver-lining” and apply it to the people in our lives which hopefully will translate to the way we treat each other at work and in our personal lives.

Here at the Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber, we are working with local leaders on what they have learned and how adaptation to a changing environment affects their employees. The link below is a very brief survey to help us gain a better understanding of our educational offerings and what subject matter we should be offering to you. Please take the survey as it helps us to help you.

Chris Heck
Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce
Company Spotlight
Wabtec Corporation begins operations in the Neighborhood 91 complex at the International Airport at Pittsburgh
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Ready, aim aim
Too often, we see organizations fail to invest in their next leaders because of a desire to have all of the answers and implement the ‘perfect solution.’ Our advice is: just get started. You are investing in your future leaders and learning and adjusting as needed. This process also encourages a culture of continuous change and learning. Like the famous Nike slogan: Just do it!
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