September 2021 Edition
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“Board or Bored” – Where do you see your board members?

Like many of our Chamber member companies, I report to a board of directors who reflect our community here in the Airport Area. But unlike corporate boards, board members for nonprofits have a unique quality. The question faced with many small companies is your board engaged to the point where they are not “bored” with the duties and time that have been committed to.

We recently went through a new group of BOD candidates and elected a new class of board members that any organization here in the Airport Area would be jealous of obtaining. Three individuals representing three organizations who are pillars of who we are in this neighborhood. In both nominating and selecting these new members we asked ourselves this question: Does the prospective board member have a passion for the mission of our organization? If they’re not willing to give their time and resources, they’re not a good fit. Board members should also have some business skills and be willing (and able!) to help make financial and sometimes operational decisions if needed. It can be tempting to seek wealthy or prestigious names to join your board, but if they are not people of action and enthusiasm, they will be a detriment to the organization. It should go without saying that board members should have integrity and value compliance and transparency.

Those three companies have the faith and optimism that their newly elected Airport Area Chamber board members will not only serve well but represent those individual companies who are dedicated to our community. So, Heritage Valley Health System, Coraopolis Community Development Corporation and Eaton Corporation, thank you for Laurie Clemens, Cara Mason and Brittany Ramos as we look forward to a continued healthy and productive Chamber mission. Lastly, we thank all of our Chamber board of directors who can be found at

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Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce
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