April is national volunteer month, a time to reflect on how wonderfully generous our society is with volunteerism and how much more amazing it could be if everyone gave some of their time volunteering in their community. The Corporation for National and Community Service states that 62.6 million adults volunteered 7.8 billion hours through a charitable organization in 2015 which equates to $184 billion dollars given through time sacrifice. At the Law Office of Charles S. Philips, we fully support and encourage our staff to volunteer and give back to their community. There are so many needs that can be fulfilled by volunteering to a wide array of charities. My entire staff finds time to give back to charitable causes for which they have an individual passion. I currently am a member of Trinity Rotary which supports numerous charitable causes and thus exposes us to many choices for volunteerism that speaks to our hearts. I serve as Chairman of the Board of the Bay Area Pregnancy Center which is a Christian based ministry that services disadvantaged pregnant women through their pregnancy up to toddler age of their infants providing guidance, education, and fulfillment of physical needs. I am also on the Developmental Council for Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital which raises funds and awareness for pediatric fellowship positions within the hospital, and I support and volunteer for many other charities that speak to my heart. 

Volunteerism does not necessarily require financial commitment, as the statistics show, time is an extremely valuable resource that anyone can give to benefit a charitable cause. You can also volunteer your professional, or business skills to a charity as I have done at the Hispanic Community Outreach Center's Legal Fair. 

There are so many opportunities to give of your time that there really is no excuse for not volunteering somewhere. You might ask yourself how do I get started? Every month we feature a different charity in our newsletter, or you can search your heart as to what interest you have a passion for and I guarantee you will find a charity that serves that passion and has a need for volunteerism. All you need to do thereafter is contact them and offer your time and talent. Every charity I have ever worked with, or supported have been very open to people volunteering their time and always have some need that can be met by volunteers. I think you will find that the rewards you will receive will be far greater to you and your spirit than you have ever given in return. I know that has always been my experience!


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