Dear friends,
I greet you with strength of spirit, faith, and an appreciation for the Service we offer one another. As we serve, we build the muscle of a Healthy Humanity. My favorite motto these days:
OneHeart ~ OneEarth.
This past month I’ve received many inquiries regarding the healing properties of flower essences, how they can assist us during times of crisis and change, and which flowers effectively address the maladies we face today.
Before I address the above, I’d like to share a few thoughts of vital concern to me. As we face an epic task to heal an ailing social bod y, we simultaneously seek to render this Social Body Whole, one by one. In doing so, we discover it’s what within the Soul that counts. This is not trite. Humanity faces a great task, and in such a momentous time I’m hesitant to apply metaphor or rhetorical meanderings to the complexity of it all. To jump too soon toward myth, rhyme or reason we may overlook the vulnerable, the feeling, the sensation that accompanies this huge event; a global pandemic.
As we live within the vortex of this unknown, we must simply do the work; the hard work , and   lean into whatever it takes to invoke the Truth, Guidance, or, perhaps a Suffering that will guide us toward Understanding.
Let’s leap forward with raw and tingling knowing that we're ready to engage with a consciousness rarely asked of us before. We share this planet, and for those of us who understand this as an incredible opportunity, we may act together, and gather tools necessary to build a healthy and thriving future.

With Blessings and Love,

Isha Lerner
*In my next newsletter I'll will share the properties and use of flower essences and suggestions.

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