Celebrating 25 Years of Making Your Project Our Priority
From the Desk of Jeff Banning ~
While taking a recent vacation, I was able to read a couple of books. It is always great to take the time/make the time to read. As my friend Steve Craney said to me several years ago, readers are leaders. The older I get and the more I read, the more I understand that statement.

Solar Energy
Solar Parks on the Rise
Banning Engineering has worked on a wide variety of projects throughout the years and one area that has been an increasing market over the last few years for us has been Solar Parks.
Wandering Indiana
So this is a different article from the normal. As those that follow my Indiana wanderings, I have been to all 92 counties, to every State Park, to every reservoir, to every State Forest, and to most every fish and wildlife area.
From Around the State
Duke Energy has selected sites for the Site Readiness program and we are proud to be involved with these projects.

Jeff Healy has an article published in the "Community Planning for Agriculture and Natural Resources".
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