April 12, 2023

Florida Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs 2023 Day of Advocacy

Once again, our team is in Tallahassee advocating for youth throughout St. Lucie County and the entire state of Florida! This time, Board members, leadership staff and Club teens are meeting with state representatives and local politicians in our state's capital alongside the Florida Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs.

In the last 24 hours, we have met with Senator Gayle Harrell, State Representative Dana Trabulsy, Senator Erin Grall, Representative John Snyder, and Representative Toby Overdorf to discuss issues affecting our Clubs and all youth development organizations.

It is important to me and our entire organization that our Club members experience these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to continue learning, growing and developing as leaders. I am so proud of our teens' involvement. And I am grateful for the staff and board members that are here with me for their dedication and passion. We will continue to advocate for #GreatFutures!

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