June 5, 2019
Volume 9, No. 41
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This Sunday's Lections
Acts 2: 1-21
Genesis 11: 1-9
Romans 8:14-17
Acts 2:1-21
John 14:8-17, (25-27)
Psalm 104:25-35, 37
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Final Days for Nominations

Nominations for the 11th Bishop of Georgia close at 5 PM, Friday, June 7--just two days from today! If you intend to nominate someone, please do so as soon as possible, to give the nominee more time to complete and submit the materials we are requesting. If you intend to apply, please have the materials ready to submit with your application. We request the following from all nominees/applicants:
Cover letter and CV/Resumé
Current OTM Profile
Answers to the following questions in a total of four to six pages: 
What moments or events in your discernment have persuaded you that you might have a vocation to the episcopate?

What specifically draws you towards that vocation now in the Diocese of Georgia?

What does it mean for you to walk in the way of the cross?

These materials may be submitted to bishopsearch@gaepiscopal.org. Nomination and application forms are available here.

The slate of candidates will be announced on September 1. Please keep praying for all of us involved in this process.

A Prayer for the Election of a Bishop 
Almighty God, giver of every good gift: Look graciously on your Church, and so guide the minds of those who shall choose a bishop for this Diocese, that we may receive a faithful pastor, who will care for your people and equip us for our ministries; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
                                                   1979 Book of Common Prayer, page 818
The Search Committee
Maggie Brantley Lyons Named New Administrative Assistant 
Maggie Brantley Lyons has been named the new Administrative Assistant to the Canons for the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia.
She will begin working at Diocesan House on June 17th.

A graduate of Georgia Southern University, Lyons has been a member of the Diocese of Georgia beginning with her baptism and confirmation at St. Mark's Brunswick. She was the lead teen of New Beginnings #40, Rector of Happening #90 and served on the Happening staff from #86 through #92.

Other youth leadership positions she has served in include, serving on the Diocese of Georgia Youth Commission, the search committee for the rector at St. Mark's, a missionary to Lima Peru and acolyte at the consecration of the Rt. Rev. Scott Anson Benhase.

"I am so very excited and honored to be joining the Diocesan House team!" said Lyons. "The Episcopal Church, namely the Diocese of Georgia, has always been incredibly special to me. From baptism, to Happening, to marrying my husband at the Honey Creek chapel, the Episcopal Church is an important piece of my story. I feel very lucky to be able to incorporate something I love into my professional life. The best is yet to come."

She is married to Andrew Lyons and they are making their home in Savannah.
The funeral for the Rev. Dudley Lippitt, Deacon, will be held at 2 PM Saturday, June 15th at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 212 N. Jefferson Street, Albany. 
The Bishop Knocks on the Door
St. Mary the Virgin, Augusta

St. Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church in Augusta was founded on February 12, 1889 as a mission of St. Paul's. The church is located in a unique section of old Augusta where the homes of poor blacks and whites once abutted one another. At the time, Augusta was the site of massive workshops that kept the complicated steam locomotives of the day on the rails and running. Most of the men in the area worked either at the Augusta Iron Foundry or for the railroad. 

This parish has a long and distinguished history of providing a family of faith for many of the leading citizens of the Augusta community. Ike and Justin Washington were integral to black education and were stalwarts in the Civil Rights movement in the 1960's and 1970's. They were beloved members of St. Mary's. Today, a building named for them stands on the campus of Augusta State University. St. Mary's was also blessed with having among its membership the family of Dr. Alan Brown, the first black professor of surgery at the Medical College of Georgia. His children would later be the first black students to attend Episcopal Day School at Good Shepherd. Today, Russell Joel Brown is perhaps the best known of the Brown children, starring on Broadway and in international travel troupes in the Lion King and many other well known shows.

Of note, is that many of the earliest Augusta civil rights meetings were held in the parish hall of St. Mary's. It was a private and safe place to meet in.

Ernestine Alsop, a St. Mary's member, was known throughout Richmond County as the best math teacher in the area. William Bryant and his wife Betty (Senior Warden) were leaders in education in the Central Savannah River area of Augusta. Robert Hopson (Junior Warden) has worked tirelessly in education in Richmond County as teacher and assistant principal. Other members worked in health care and the congregation has a large number of re
With Bishop Benhase during his visitation to St. Mary's, from left, Robert Hopson, Junior Warden; Alyssa Broadwater and She'ma'ya Roundtree.
tired military personnel. St. Mary's is truly a diverse group. The riots of the late 1960's destroyed the thriving black community that once flourished around the area in which St. Mary's is located. Many residents fled to the suburbs. Today, some members drive more than ten miles to come to church, while others have remained in the old downtown area. In the 1990's St. Mary's was served by a rotation of priests from Good Shepherd, but that ended when the Rev. Dr. Andrew Menger, was appointed priest in charge; he has held that post for almost 20 years.

"At the current time, good Sunday attendance would be about 15 to 18 people," said Menger. "The atmosphere is one of love and acceptance and a dogged determination to be the face of Jesus to those around our church. We are small, but we also have a family bond that appears to miraculously endure."
The Bishop Knocks on the Door
St. Athanasius, Brunswick 
In 1883, Mary Troup and Louise Nightingale, parishioners at St. Mark's Brunswick, began offering Sunday School classes for people of color in Brunswick. The classes grew, and in 1885, St. Athanasius' Episcopal Church became an organized mission of St. Mark's, named after the African saint, Athanasius of Alexandria, the 20th Bishop of Alexandria, Egypt from 328-373. A wood frame structure was purchased and furnished but the building was destroyed in a violent storm in 1896. Church members replaced it with a new Gothic Revival-style church building made of tabby, the masonry building material made of sand, lime and oyster shells. 
In 1903, St. Athanasius started a parochial school adjacent to the church for children in grades one through 12. Classes for high school students included an Industrial Arts curriculum as well as organized sports. Soon, the parish owned several buildings on the adjacent property that were used for classrooms and offices. The school was chartered and incorporated in 1909 and continued its tradition of excellence until the onset of the Great Depression forced it to close its doors in 1928.

St. Athanasius' is one of the few tabby buildings from the 19th century left in Brunswick. In 2000, a major renovation included the installation of stained glass memorial panels in the sanctuary, including three that honor the martyrs of the Civil Rights Movement. 

The community-wide "Feed My Sheep" program, headquartered at St. Athanasius' Parish Hall, provides food, clothing and prayer to over 1200 needy and homeless members of the Brunswick community annually.

Annual events have become cherished traditions: the Feast of Lights, Lenten Tea, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade involve the youngest to the oldest church members.-
Research and text by Leslie Faulkenberry
From left: Maxine McKenzie, Jakobe Livingston, Justin Everett, Felicity Anton, Marquis Thomas and Bishop Benhase 
Guest Columnist
What exactly IS Cursillo?
Bill Swan with Mollie Swan and Rosalind Crowder at Cursillo 125.
When Cursillo comes up in coffee hour or in an announcement of an upcoming Ultreya - someone invariably asks, "Just what is Cursillo?" and "What is an Ultreya"? For some, these words say "secret code", "by invitation only" or maybe even, God forbid, "Cult!" Spoiler alert: The words aren't code. There is nothing secret about them.

Cursillo and Ultreya are Spanish words that harken to the beginnings of Cursillo in post World War II Catholic Spain. All of Europe was in a shambles. To the eye, shambles meant physical destruction and ruin. Deeper than that, Europe's hearts and souls were in shambles. Out of darkness and despair, a laity led movement began in the Roman Catholic Church : Cursillo. The Cursillo movement centered on the life and ministry of Christ, his death on the cross, His resurrection and the promise of renewal of our lives and redemption.

With that tidbit of history, fast forward to the 1960s. Cursillo crossed the ocean to the USA and arrived in the Episcopal Church. The emphasis of Cursillo remained on the way of the cross and the renewal it offers to all, added our traditional Episcopal flavor and held onto its historic roots by preserving words like Cursillo and Ultreya.

In its simplest definition, Cursillo means "short course in Christianity," but that definition doesn't tell you what Cursillo really is. Ultreya meaning "perservere" or "onward together" refers to frequent gatherings where people share their lives in Christ, often with Eucharist, sometimes with a meal. Whatever the format of the Ultreya, people gather remembering Christ's words, "Where two or three (or more!) are gathered together in My name, there am I also."

I hope this brief note piqued your interest in Cursillo. For more information on the Cursillo, please go to the Diocese of Alabama's website, or click here for a direct link to a brief video to hear personal stories of those who have attended a Cursillo weekend.

The next Cursillo in the Diocese of Georgia begins Thursday, October 17, 2019 at Honey Creek and concludes Sunday, October 20 with Eucharist. We hope you will consider joining us!

Bill Swan
Lay Rector for Upcoming Cursillo #126
  Caring for Creation at Honey Creek
David Shivers and Norris Wootton (St. Patrick, Albany), the Rev. Leeann Culbreath, Deacon (St. Barnabas, Valdosta), Kimberly Roberts (St. Francis, Savannah), and Noelle Raiford (Trinity, Statesboro). 
Last month, members of the Creation Care Commission and other volunteers gathered for "Ora et Labora (Pray and Work)," a Creation care retreat at Honey Creek. The group tended the Ecology Center, including the garden, screened porch, rain barrels, retreat room, and dock. Elsewhere on campus, they emptied and cleaned recycling bins. The CCC has also donated two critter-resistant compost tumblers so some waste from the dining hall can become a nutrient-rich soil amendment for Honey Creek's garden and flowers instead of going to the landfill.

The next time you are at Honey Creek, visit the Ecology Center--a quiet, comfortable spot to connect with God's Creation. Nature guidebooks and binoculars are available on the porch. The indoor air-conditioned "retreat room" has nature-oriented books and activities for all ages. It's a sweet spot for reading, journaling, art, or conversation. Request a key to access the retreat room when you check in, or let Honey Creek staff know in advance that you would like to use the building.

For more information on Creation care ministry in the diocese, contact Rev. Deacon Leeann Culbreath at deaconleeann@gmail.com.

Summer Camp at Honey Creek begins next week! Sign up by going to the Honey Creek website and go to the SUMMER CAMP tab to book your spot. Grab a friend and come to The Creek this summer!
Reserve Hotel Rooms for Convention Now!

If you haven't already reserved hotel rooms for the 198th Convention of the Diocese of Georgia we encourage you to do so now.

We have partnered with the Spring Hill Suites by Marriott in Statesboro for a block of rooms. The rate is slightly higher than at the other hotels, but as it is a football weekend, rooms are becoming less available.

At the Comfort Inn, there are only a few rooms left in our block. Call 912-681-2400 to make reservations there. For accommodations at SpringHill Suites, call 912-489-0000.
Around the Diocese

The annual Thank You Luncheon for local law enforcement officers at St. Mark's, Brunswick.
The Jet Propulsion Lab (left) and entrance to the Flight Research Lab at Vacation Bible School at St. Anne's, Tifton.
Baptism at Our Savior Martinez.
Know Your Delegate Count for 198th Convention
From the Standing Committee  Regarding Delegates to the Diocesan Convention  and Election of the XI Bishop of the Diocese of Georgia:
 T his is a reminder that the new Article III, Sec. 2 of the Canons of the Diocese of Georgia will be in effect at the upcoming Convention and Bishop Election of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia on November 14-16, 2019. This Article states that the calculation of each congregation's READ MORE
Diocesan Office Update and News
The Rt. Rev. Scott Anson Benhase,  10th Bishop of the Diocese of Georgia, will  make his annual visitation to St. Philip's Hinesville at 10 AM, Sunday, June 9. The Bishop's full schedule can be found  here.  

The Rev. Frank Logue, Canon to the Ordinary, is on sabbatical through July 15.

The Rev. Joshua Varner, Canon for Children and Youth, will be at Honey Creek Retreat Center this week assisting with training summer camp staff and next week serving as a Spiritual Director at High School Camp.
Prayers for Weekly Liturgies
Our one-year prayer cycle combines prayers for every congregation in the Diocese of Georgia with prayers for our ecumenical partners and for our Companion Diocese of The Dominican Republic. The 52 weekly prayers are available in one document  found here. 

June 2-8
In our diocesan cycle of prayer, we pray for our congregation in Louisville, St. Mary Magdalene. We also pray for our ecumenical partners in Louisville, especially St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church. In our companion diocese of the Dominican Republic, we pray for the congregations in La Romana, especially The Encarnation (La Encarnación) and All Saints (Todos los Santos).

June 9-15
In our diocesan cycle of prayer, we pray for our congregations in Martinez, Holy Comforter and Our Savior. We also pray for our ecumenical partners, especially St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church in Grovetown. In our companion diocese of the Dominican Republic, we pray for Christ Resurrected (Cristo Resucitado) in La Vega.

Additional Prayer Cycles
We also offer 30-day prayer cycles for those who wish to pray daily for the clergy and clergy spouses:  Diocesan Prayer Cycle and  Clergy Spouses Prayer Cycle .
Ready for Take Off!

Space was also the place for Vacation Bible School at Good Shepherd, Augusta.
EfM (Education for Ministry) 
3 PM Thursday, June 6 through 3 PM Saturday, June 8
Honey Creek
For more information, contact Rita Spalding, 912-270-2725 or email rspaldinglaw@bellsouth.net  
Nominations for XI Bishop Close
Friday, June 7

Ordination to the Priesthood for the Rev. Arthur Jones, Deacon

St. Thomas' Thomasville
10:30 AM Saturday, June 29

Diocesan Youth Mission Trip to Tennessee with Appalachia Service Project
July 13-20
Happening #102
Thursday, August 2 through Sunday, August 4; staff arrives August 1
Honey Creek Retreat Center
Ordination to the Priesthood of Samantha McKean
Christ Church, Savannah
10:30 AM, Saturday, August 17th

Acolyte Festival
Saturday, August 24 (morning) to Sunday, Augusta 25 (after worship)
Church of the Good Shepherd, Augusta
Grades three to 12.  

New Beginnings #55
September 6-8
Honey Creek Retreat Center

Diocesan Council
September 13-14
St. Peter's, Savannah

Cursillo #126
October 17-20
Honey Creek
Go  here for more information.

198th Convention of the Diocese of Georgia
November 14-16
Georgia Southern University
To register, go here.
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