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Hello Courtney,

“I received the email notification that I was awarded this scholarship halfway through a super stressful 12-hour shift at the hospital I work at. Immediately I felt relief and happiness. I want to thank you so much for donating to me.”

·        22-23 Castle Rock Rotary Scholar

During the last two academic years, the ACC Foundation has awarded $2.3 million in scholarship funds to over 900 ACC students! This has only been possible due to generous donors like yourself, who see the power in providing support to students pursuing their educational goals.

For many students, like the quote above, scholarships are confirmation that they are on the right path and that there is someone out there who believes in them. Scholarships are not only an investment in our students, but also an investment in their families, friends, and communities. Our ACC scholars are not just the future of engineering, nursing, computer science; they are our future community leaders and advocates. A scholarship provides financial support to our students, but also shows that someone out there is willing to invest in their future.

Earlier this month, ACC congratulated over 400 ACC students at commencement. We are all so proud of them and look forward to their bright futures. But as one chapter ends, another one is just getting started! The ACC Foundation received 1,162 applications for the 2023-2024 scholarship cycle. We plan to, once again, award over $1 million in scholarships to ACC students.

The overall GPA of our 23-24 Foundation Scholarship applicants was 3.3. Nearly half of applicants stated they are hoping to transfer to a 4-year college after completing requirements at ACC. Thirty percent of applicants are hoping to enter the workforce after finishing up at ACC. Sixty percent of applicants are planning to be full-time students (12 or more credit hours) next semester. Our applicants' ethnicity percentage came in higher in almost all areas compared to the percentages of the college. Over half of applicants reside in either Arapahoe or Douglas county.

We are currently reviewing scholarship applications and hope to have our 23-24 scholars notified by late June. While this year has wrapped up, we are excited to welcome in a new ACC Foundation Scholarship group. We recognize that this wouldn’t be possible without people like you, thank you for your continued support to our students!


Travis Ogburn

ACC Foundation Scholarship Program Manager



Gioja Lacy was selected as our Alumni of the Year for the 2022-2023 school year. Gioja is a 2017 graduate of ACC’s Mortuary Science program and is currently working as a Funeral Director at Feldman Mortuary in Denver.

During summer semester 2022, a student in ACC's AAA-1001 Career Exploration class indicated an interest in the Mortuary Science program. The student was unsure of what to expect and how to prepare for a career in the funeral business. The instructor and Career Services Counselor, Evan Kravitz, conducted a LinkedIn search and found Gioja's profile. He reached out to her through LinkedIn, and she immediately agreed to speak with the student. She even went a step further to have them to spend a day with her at the funeral home.

Image: ACC Alumna, Gioja Lacy, displays her Alumni of the Year certificate and award.

Gioja represents the very best of ACC alumni and their unique power to help current students navigate academic and career hurdles to move onwards towards promising careers.

Click here to learn more aboutACC's Mortuary Science program



Arapahoe Community College held its 56th Annual commencement ceremony on Friday, May 12th, 2023. Over 400 students participated in this incredible celebration. Can you believe it?! Even more earned degrees and certificates this Spring!


The ACC Foundation, and your support of our mission, plays a role in this achievement for many of our students. Last year, about 40% of graduates were ACC Foundation scholars and nearly 60% of our scholarship awardees were first generation students!

We would also like to thank ACC Foundation board members Bryan Upcraft and John Libby for joining your ACC Foundation Team in handing out gifts to our graduates as they left Magness Arena and stepped into their incredible futures.

We still have opportunities for you to contribute to ACC student success. Set up a one-time or recurring donation by clicking the button below.

Click here to make a donation to student success, today!

Scholarship Application Readers Still Needed!

This year we received over 1,100 scholarship applications, and we need your help reading and scoring applicant essays! Our goal is to have all applications scored by at least two readers and need some additional help to get to that goal. Any amount of time you can spare to help us read and score scholarship essays would be a big assistance to us and our students. We plan to award over $1 million in scholarships to deserving ACC students, and your reading and scoring ensures a fair and equitable process for our applicants.

To get started, click HERE and complete the form. We will provide you the scholarship essays and a scoring rubric to score the essays.

If you have finished reading and scoring your current scholarship essays, and would like to take on some additional essays; please email Travis:


You may recognize ACC Scholar Ryan Wade from our previous mailings. We are so excited to share that he was selected to give the Student Address to Graduates at ACC's 56th Annual Commencement Ceremony.

Ryan graduated with his Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Service Technology, and has expressed much gratitude for the scholarships he has received through the ACC Foundation.

Click here to hear Ryan Wade's Commencement Speech

Image: ACC Scholar Ryan Wade speaks at Commencement.


Ambient Domains has been released!

It is always fills us with joy to see our ACC Foundation Mini-Grant awardees' projects come to fruition. In the 2021-2022 School Year, ACC's CTE Music Program Chair, Charles Haarhues, submitted his proposal to:

Record and manufacture a CD and streaming platform of ACC music student, instructor, and ensemble performances. All the performances will consist of recordings made in the ACC Waring Theatre recording studio and/or in the M1870 music computer lab.

From this, Ambient Domains was born! Learn more about this hugely collaborative and educational project HERE.

Be sure to check out Ambient Domains on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music streaming services.


Estate Planning 101

Okay, So What is Estate Planning?


Regardless of our wealth, social status or stage of life, we all have assets that will eventually comprise an estate. It’s the total of everything we own – our homes, cars, investments, bank accounts, furniture, personal possessions, even the socks in our drawers. Everything that we think of as ‘ours’ comprises our estate.


So what is estate planning? As a simple definition, estate planning is our opportunity to decide (today) how those things will be shared with others when we eventually pass away. It’s the chance we have to make these decisions ourselves. 


Does Everyone Need an Estate Plan?

Yes, and many misconceptions still exist. 


Some of us think we’re not wealthy enough to need an estate plan, but that confuses potential tax issues with our chance to share our estate the way we’d like. It can also help minimize legal fees and court costs, too. Good planning can actually mean more to families of modest means, since they can afford to lose the least. Other reasons for delaying estate planning include thinking we’re not old enough, are too busy, or just don’t realize why it’s so important. 


Wait…You Mean I’ve Already Got an Estate Plan?

Well, strictly speaking, Yes! Since no one could ever guess another person’s wishes, Colorado (like every state) has created a formula to distribute the assets for anyone who  dies without a valid plan. It’s part of each state’s Intestacy law. But rarely does this formula represent a person’s true wishes.


Why? Because no single formula could ever anticipate the vast array of family dynamics, trusted friends, or even a connect to Arapahoe Community College—all of whom a person might like to benefit in differing ways. 


The Intestacy formula is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to distribute assets whenever a person dies without an estate plan. It will be used to settle your estate, but probably not in the ways you might hope or imagine. 


What’s Next?


Well, hopefully this overview helps identify the need for a good estate plan. Looking forward, here are a few things to consider:


1.      If you don’t have an attorney, consider finding one. Ask families members or friends and neighbors if they have an attorney they trust. Many attorneys will offer a complimentary first visit to help you identify your needs, understand their fees, etc. Pick someone you can trust.


2.      The first part is a Will or Living Trust. Again, it’s your chance to decide how your assets will be shared with those you love.   


3.      In addition, a few other documents can be part of an estate plan. 


·        Medical Directive – Appoints someone to make your healthcare decisions, if you cannot

·        Financial Power of Attorney – Appoints someone to make financial decisions, if necessary

·        Living Will – Your wishes about potential end-of-life measures


4.      Please note that not all assets transfer through a Will or Living Trust. Some may be transferred via beneficiary designation (IRA, life insurance) or other arrangement (real estate deed). A careful review these assets is another important step.


5.      Finally, please don’t put it off. It’s not just about your peace of mind. Life is unpredictable and a sound estate plan is one of the best gifts you can leave for those you love.

For more information about the Forever ACC Society, please contact Courtney Loehfelm at or 720.440.4666. There is never any expectation or obligation to complete a gift.  

The Forever ACC Legacy Society has been created to honor and thank those who remember the College with a gift in their estate plans. There are many ways to do this. Some have named Arapahoe Community College to receive a future gift in their will or living trust, while others have named us as a future beneficiary of a life insurance policy, IRA or charitable trust. A variety of options exist. 

For more information about the Forever ACC Legacy Society, please click the button below or contact Courtney Loehfelm at or 720.440.4666. There is never any expectation or obligation to complete a gift.  

Learn more


ACC's Employee Monthly Givers

Thank you so much to our Employee Monthly Givers! When employees give through our payroll donation process, we are able to match their dollars with Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI) dollars, so even small gifts really make a difference.

THANK YOU to our new employee donors this Spring Semester:

  • Mary Cullen

  • Tim Meyer - Everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their dreams and to become the best version of themself. By supporting the Foundation, I can positively impact students' lives and help them overcome barriers to success.

  • Jen Sheldon - I grew up with the narrative of “when” I go to college, but it wasn’t until I was in college that I started to learn how unique and fortunate my situation was. Not everyone has the same access to higher education, with finances being one of the big issues. I believe in giving as a way I can help support others the way my mom supported me and my education.

  • Meredith Tofield - I want to support and encourage students to attend this great community college that has so much to offer them. I want to see ACC grow and that takes getting students enrolled and graduated anyway we can! I wanted to contribute even if it’s in just a small way.

And, of course, thank you to those who continue to give, and make conscious shifts in their donations when necessary:

  • Kristin Crowley

  • Anonymous Employee - I like to donate because our students have so much untapped potential and I want to help remove barriers to them realizing their full selves.

Are you an employee who would like to learn more about our payroll deduction donation process? Please reach out to ACC Foundation Program Manager, Nina Gomez at

Are you an employee who would like to make a one-time donation? Click on the link below!

Click here to make a donation, today!


You Are My Sunshine!

The ACC Foundation commissioned recent graduate, Hannah Monks, to design stickers for us to acknowledge our supporters.

Continue reading to learn more about Hannah Monks, and keep an eye out for these great gifts in future mailings!

Be a Rainbow in Someone Else's Cloud!

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Meet Our Sticker Designer, Hannah Monks

Our whimsical and wonderful new ACC Foundation sticker designs are the work of ACC alum, Hannah Monks. A Spring 2022 graduate of ACC, Hannah earned her Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design, Multimedia & Illustration.

Hannah does freelance graphic design and illustration work, and also works full time as a preschool teacher. When she’s not teaching or working on art and design projects, Hannah can be found reading, crocheting, or thrift shopping.

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Please consider a gift for Arapahoe Community College in your will, living trust, or as a beneficiary of your IRA. 

For more information on the Forever ACC Legacy Society please contact Courtney Loehfelm at

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