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Hello Courtney,

In graduate school I had the amazing opportunity to visit Seoul, Korea. Our class was fortunate enough that one donor, an alum of the program, sponsored the entirety of the trip for 12 students!  

Of course, we went to museums and other cultural centers, but what I remember most is how it changed our group dynamic: turns out we worked better as a team there than we did in the states! Ha! We couldn’t read the signs and did our best to learn bits of the language to fulfill basic necessities: find a bathroom or order food and supplies. We were forced to think on our feet and problem solve. 

College is so much more than what is learned in the classroom; it's about these experiential learning opportunities that enrich our lives. 

In this newsletter we introduce you to an ACC Automotive student who first found his calling to a secondary degree to work on cars; then Higher Education showed him that he didn’t have to stop there. You will also read quotes from students who have been through the Study Abroad Program and describe how the experience has impacted their lives. 

These stories illustrate that Higher Education is not only about finding a career, its about being exposed to options and finding the confidence and resource to pursue them. 

We hope that you find inspiration in these stories and a moment to schedule a donation for Colorado Gives day. Designate your gift to a department you wish to support, or to the ACC Foundation mission.  

ACC is more than a place to learn a skill, it’s a place to find a future. 

All the Best,

Marie Perrin McGraw

Director of Operartions, ACC Foundation


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Colorado Gives Day is December 6th, 2022

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This Colorado Gives Day the ACC Foundation aims to raise $20k for scholarships! We ask you for your support.

Did you know that 4 out of 10 part-time ACC students don’t return the second semester?!

Not because of inability to perform academically, but because they juggle jobs, family, and general life challenges while trying to attend school.


These students NEED FINANCIAL SUPPORT to help them achieve their educational goals. Fulfillment of their educational goals translates to more nurses, more cyber security technicians, and more skilled workers for Colorado.

Because of our communities’ compassion for students—and our donors’ deep-set belief that higher education is crucial to a vibrant community, ACC continues to be a leader in innovative community college education!

Above Image: Left to right, top to bottom: Select ACC Foundation 2022-2023 ScholarsReem, COSI-Arapahoe County Scholar; Gabriel, Nelnet Endowment for IT, Navigator Award, COSI-Douglas County Scholar; Marie, Mark J. Smith Scholar; Nicole, Quarton Family Nursing, COSI-Douglas County Scholar; Alejandro, COSI-Douglas County, CO Motorsports HOF, ACC Board of Directors Scholar; Evelyne, Merrill & Beryl Jacobson Scholar.


Ryan Wade

Ryan is the recipient of the More than One Path, Colorado Motorsports, First Gen, and COSI scholarships.

We had the opportunity to chat with Ryan a couple weeks ago and was not only struck by his perseverance and will to better his life, but how his story is a perfect example of the power of education.

My name is Ryan Wade, I am 31 years old and currently live in Englewood, CO.

I moved frequently when I was younger, but I was primarily raised in southern California. Growing up for me was rough, and I had a very hard life that a child has business being a part of. My mother was an abusive methamphetamine addict- a very cruel and mean woman who I suspect also suffers from mental illness. We were frequently homeless, 4 times before I was 23. I began working construction under the table at a young age, but due to my mother’s drug use and chaotic lifestyle, it was never enough to keep our heads above water long, and I was never able to finish school.

When I bought my first car at 25, I couldn’t afford repairs from a mechanic, so I bought a tool set and learned how to do it myself. I had no idea at the time that this would be one of the most important decisions I would ever make. It spawned a love and fascination with automotive that I never knew I had.

When I lost my job in October of 2020 due to Covid-19 cutbacks, I decided to go to school for a formal education, regardless of people saying I am too old. I earned my GED and hit the ground running, and despite my late start, have had a fantastic amount of achievement that I once thought not possible for myself.

I am currently finishing my second year of school and will be transferring to Regis University next Fall. I will be participating in their dual degree program pursuing a master’s degree in Applied Psychology with a minor in Business Management. I believe I can do many great things with a psychology degree, and many amazing doors can be opened with it. I have come so far, and I wonder what else is possible. I hope to use aspects of psychology to better serve businesses, as well as hopefully help individuals coming from struggling backgrounds like mine.

I am very grateful that I did not give up on myself, and the success and support I have received along the way have filled me with a motivation and inspiration that I may be able to help others find a better version of themselves, as I have found mine.


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Above Image: ACC group in Berlin.

June was a busy month for the ACC Study Abroad Program. After several travel disruptions due to covid, we finally made it to Europe with over 50 students in tow.

The Art and Design Program studied art history, architecture, ceramics, interior design and photography in Amsterdam and Berlin. Students visited museums, landmarks, workshops, and participated in a variety of cultural experiences related to their degree. Criminal Justice and Comparative Government students traveled to London, Amsterdam and Paris to experience history, government, and culture as it relates to their studies. 

Their tour provided cultural and historical references that have influenced our American criminal justice and political systems. Every study abroad program is intentionally designed to feature guided learning, cultural engagement, program immersion, and experiences to drive global competency development, and connect the students learning to their degree, career and personal goals.

Student Perspective

"Traveling abroad changes our perspectives in so many ways, we learn about ourselves, about other cultures, and we learn about our own cultures in reference to our new experiences." Courtney, ACC Student

"Study Abroad gave me the opportunity to experience different cultures, people and embrace a way of life outside of my own. Through Study Abroad I also developed unique friendships and a sense of independence all while continuing to build photographic skills. The Study Abroad Program through ACC made me feel comfortable to travel out of the country for the first time, the program provides the necessary support for such adventures while simultaneously giving each student the independence to experience these new places through their own perspective. The classes that are a part of the trips spend time making sure each student is prepared before travelling and continues supporting us during and after the trip. Travelling with a wide range of programs allows us to learn from one another by spending time together while sharing our fields of study and different perceptions of the world around us. We made new business and educational connections through each other as well as long lasting friendships. " Madi, ACC Student

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about our program or our next trip, please contact the Study Abroad Coordinator [email protected].

Travel is on!

The ACC Foundation is so excited to be raising funds to create an endowment for the Study Abroad Program!

Please donate direclty to the Study Abroad Program by clicking below.

Donate to ACC Travel Abroad Progam


Our Team is Growing!

Lots is moving and shaking at the ACC Foundation!

As Courtney Loehfelm's role as Executive Director has expanded to increasingly include industry partnership and major funding projects for institutional advancement, the ACC Foundation has made some changes in its structure.

Marie Perrin-McGraw’s role has changed from Assistant Director to Director of Operations to absorb several of Courtney’s day-to-day operational tasks such as event planning, financials, and annual giving initiatives.

Travis Ogburn was added to the team in September with a new role to the Foundation as Scholarship Program Manager. Travis is spearheading and maintaining all things ACCF scholarship!

We are thrilled to be able to welcome Nina Gomez to the ACC Foundation in her new role as Program Manager! Ann Gaziano, current Program Manager, who has been working under contract for the Foundation since her move to Kansas, will be ending her contract with the Foundation at the end of January. We are so thankful for all the work Ann has done for the Foundation from afar, and glad she will be able to train and hand off this great work to Nina so that it can continue and grow!

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