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Fall Lawn Care
Fall Fertilization
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    Fall has arrived and it's soon to be prime-time for leaf peepers in New England. However with all of these falling leaves, it's important to consider the impact that they can have on your property. Check out our articles on fall lawn care and fall fertilization services to see what you can do to keep your landscape in pristine condition year-round!
  Removing leaves from your lawn  can 
help prevent future problems in your landscape.

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    Autumn in New England is beautiful.  The colors on the trees are a highlight of the season, but the leaf drop that follows can be more than just a nuisance.  Leaves left on the lawn over the winter can be detrimental to the health of your lawn, and may also cause potential damage to the trees and shrubs from which they fell.

Cool season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass are actively growing during this time of year, and a dense covering of leaves will shade this sun-loving grass and reduce its growth now, leaving it weaker for next spring. 

    Leaves, under the weight of snow, can smother a lawn and also create areas where disease organisms such as gray snow mold can shelter and grow, causing injury to the lawn.  Oak leaves in particular may cause damage when left on a lawn due to their high levels of acidity which can reduce the pH of your lawn; furthermore, decreasing the levels of vital nutrients.

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    Those leaves can also be home to various diseases that afflict our trees; such as tar spot, apple scab, powdery mildew and various types of rusts.  By not removing these leaves, you are providing a ready source of disease for the new leaves next spring.  If you have trees that have these or other foliage diseases, you should practice good sanitation and remove them from your property.  Most homeowner compost bins do not reach a high enough temperature to kill these organisms, so it is best to have them taken from your property if possible. 

Fall is a great time to fertilize trees and shrubs!

    The leaves are changing their color and are starting to drop, so you may be thinking your trees and shrubs are going dormant.   While the above ground portion is shutting down for the winter, the roots are actually at their peak of growth activity, making fall the perfect time to fertilize these woody plants.  

    Our sister company, Grassmaster Plus, offers a whole range of plant health care services including fall fertilization.  They apply a soil drench of an organic fish based fertilizer, blended with a compost tea that supplies a variety of beneficial soil microorganisms. In turn, this helps to facilitate the natural cycling of organic matter in the soil.  Using organic products ensures no burning of the roots and no spike of new growth that could be damaged by frost. Through combining these products, the plants benefit exceptionally. It aids in helping your trees and shrubs in surviving the winter, and also in getting a strong root system established quickly.  

   Grassmaster Plus also offers fall horticultural oil treatments for insect control and anti-desiccant applications. These treatments help reduce winter drying injury on broad-leaved evergreens, such as rhododendrons and Andromeda.  If you would like more information on these services, please contact Grassmaster Plus!

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