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Core Annual Maintenance Contract
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Winter is upon us, but Spring is on its way.  Now is the time to be renewing or signing up for your yearly maintenance services.  Learn more about how a Core Annual Maintenance Contract can benefit you, your property, and save you time.  Also, visit www.grassmasterplus.com to learn about how their team of experts in the turf and plant health care industry can help you improve and maintain one of your largest landscape investments - your turf!  Their customized 7 Step Fertilization Program might be just what your lawn needs.  

ND Bundles Basic Services to help Ensure the Best Customer Service

A core contract with ND Landscape consists of a S pring Cleanup (including raking & bed edging), Mulch Installation, Lawn Maintenance, Monthly Weeding of Beds, Pruning Program, Fall Cleanup, Classic Care (fine gardening services), etc....   By having a single company performing these basic services, you do not have to juggle schedules and billing from multiple companies thus simplifying your life.  By signing up for a new contract or renewing your existing core contract, you can have all your basic landscape needs fulfilled and have peace of mind knowing that you have the services of a well-established, reputable company available to meet any other landscape needs you may have.  

We are in the process of preparing our spring schedule.  If you have not done so already, please return your contract and take advantage of the prepay discount.  Many have already sent their 2017 contracts in, thank you!  We are looking forward to another great year!
Take Advantage of our Client Referral Program 

The greatest compliment you could give us is the referral of a friend, family member or business associate.  We sincerely appreciate your loyalty and trust! 
Grassmaster Plus offers Landscape Fertilization Programs and more...
Grassmaster Plus, the sister company of ND Landscape, offers a variety of lawn fertilization programs meant to keep your lawn healthy, thick and weed free.  Our flagship service is our 7-Step Program in addition to five fertilization applications including a preventative grub control in the spring and a lime application in the fall to keep the pH of your soil in the appropriate range for turf grass health.  We feature a 100% plant based compost tea component in our treatments that infuses the soil with a vast array of beneficial microorganisms.  These microbes make the soil healthier and results in a stronger grass stand that has better color, drought resistance, and fewer weeds.  Because of this, we are able to reduce the amount of fertilizer and pesticides applied to your lawn lessening the environmental impact of our programs. We also offer a completely organic 5-step program available that has no pesticide applications.
Courtney Peck
Client Services Manager
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Michael Basso
Production Manager
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Shaunna Guy Leighton
Branch Manager of Grassmaster Plus
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