August 20, 2020

The HSLM Fund Development team has been continuously pivoting our strategic fundraising and marketing plans for 2020 to adjust to the new normal. Annual plans which previously included physical events, have now shifted to focus on virtual campaigns and events.

One thing that hasn't changed is our gratitude towards our donors. Your shelter is entirely funded through the generosity of individuals and corporations and we are so thankful for your support. Perhaps you have already been contacted by one of the Fund Development team members, calling to thank you for a recent donation or to discuss our PAW (pre-authorized withdrawal) Program.

We want to remind our donors of the importance of keeping your personal information safe.

Although we will always gladly accept financial donations over the phone, we want to ensure that our donors always feel comfortable when supporting our organization and the animals we care for. The HSLM team will never pressure donors to provide personal and/or credit card information over the phone.

If you are unsure of the validity of a call you receive from HSLM, consider the following:
  • Calls from HSLM team will always show as "HSLM.CA" on your call display
  • Team members will always identify themselves as being from Humane Society London & Middlesex
  • HSLM will never ask for your social insurance number or date of birth

Our website, HSLM.CA, is able to process one-time, recurring and tribute/memorial donations efficiently and securely. Alternatively, donations are always accepted in person at 624 Clarke Rd or via mail.

We are sincerely grateful to each of our donors and want to protect them from falling victim of scams, which prey on the emotions of caring and trusting individuals. If you are ever unsure of a situation please reach out to us directly at 519-451-0630.

Steve Ryall
Executive Director
Humane Society London & Middlesex
Humane Society London & Middlesex
624 Clarke Road, London, ON N5V 3K5
519-451-0630 | [email protected] |