Dear Partners,


On behalf of the Housing California Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Housing California's new Executive Director, Lisa Hershey. Lisa has been the Associate Director since January 2016, and Acting Executive Director since the departure of Shamus Roller in October. The Board made their decision November 17 with full confidence that Lisa will continue to be an excellent steward of Housing California's mission. Lisa is a collaborator and coalition- builder with more than 25 years of experience in public policy and health, and is the right person to lead Housing California in a time when unity among intersecting partners is more important than ever.

Lisa has been supervising Housing California staff, managing operations, and cultivating non-traditional partnerships with multi-sector coalitions, networks and agencies focused on climate change, equity, health and resident organizing for almost a year. Lisa started at Housing California as the Sustainable Communities Coordinator in May 2014, working closely on implementation of the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program.

Before joining Housing California, Lisa spent 21 years in public sector roles, which included managing department-wide equity and place-based initiatives and advising the director on Policy and Programs at the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to inform the implementation of SB 375 and AB 32, and the development of the Strategic Growth Council.

I am excited to work with Lisa to advance our legislative priorities for the next session, and prepare for potential changes from a new federal administration and potential impact on homelessness, housing affordability, renter protections, and potential changes to tax credits.

"I believe we are well-positioned to deepen and expand our role in creating more affordable housing funding opportunities, to advance our work at the intersection of homelessness, health, criminal and economic justice and to continue to protect affordable housing as a key part of all climate change investments," Lisa said of her vision for the organization.

Along with the rest of the new and current Board of Directors, I look forward to working with Lisa, the Housing California staff, and our invaluable partners and members to see this vision through.

Warm Wishes and Happy Thanksgiving,

Sharon Rapport
Housing California Board of Directors