From the Nurses Desk;
If your Child is Sick
What will happen if I send my child to Tiny Tots sick?
If we notice your child is ill we will call the listed contacts in your child's file. Once we call you will be allowed one hour to arrange to pick up your child from school. The hour begins when we dial the phone, not when we speak to someone.

(correction of previous email No Late Fee will Apply)

Please ensure we have multiple phone numbers to contact you. Especially if you are not allowed to answer your cell phone while working.

An additional email will follow requesting additional numbers from you. Each person on your list should have two phone numbers if possible one of which has a working voicemail.
Keep your Child home if they are Sick

If your child is coughing, vomiting, feverish or any of the other symptoms listed below KEEP THEM HOME.
Why do I need to keep them home?

The listed conditions are often contagious and your child will pass along the illness to others. Causing a cycle of illness in which children stay sick. We value the health of all of the children in our care and strive to keep illiness out of our center. Please help us to do so by keeping your sick child home.
We Will Do Our part to keep them Healthy
Hand Washing

Children and Adults Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water frequently throughout the day including after using the toilet or changing diapers, before eating, preparing, or handling food, and when entering the building from home or from the playground.
Handle and prepare food safely
We always follow safe food handling procedures including never letting an ill person prepare or serve food
We Clean and disinfect Toy and classrooms Daily

We wash and sanitize our classrooms daily and disinfect our classrooms weekly. We do everything we can to fight the germs that come in our door.

Please do your part and help us stop the spread of germs, by keeping your sick child home.
If you have any questions or need to consult with me I can be reached at (206)723-1590 or . In an emergency you can call my cellphone (206)518-1921.

Thank you for being a parent at Tiny Tots Development Center, “where loving care comes first”
Jacqualine Boles | 206-518-1921