Introducing Micro Fractional Skin Resurfacing....
Turn Back the Aging Clock!

I'm pleased to now offer Micro Fractional Skin Resurfacing treatments, an in-office procedure that turns back the aging clock.


The future is here with new technology in skin resurfacing.  Combining the effectiveness of Carbon Dioxide lasers long known to be the GOLD STANDARD in wrinkle removal with an innovative "quadrant" fractional technology and a more tightly focused beam, the laser delivers uniform tissue ablation to the dermis causing immediate contraction and tissue tightening. A secondary effect is the production of new collagen over the next 6-12 weeks. This advanced technology delivers powerful results without the harsh side effects and downtime of traditional CO2 resurfacing.




Benefits include

***Pigment correction


***Turns back the aging clock


***In-Office procedure


***Topical Anesthesia


***Minimal Discomfort


***Fast Treatment


***Minimal down time, 5-7 days


***Simple moisturizer for aftercare


***Beautiful, long-lasting results









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