September 2018
Greetings and Welcome Back...Students, faculty and those of you who have been traveling the globe over the summer months or taking summer school courses or have just moved into our district area. 

Welcome to those of you who are just coming to Gavilan for the very first semester at the start of your college journey. Welcome to the GECA students who are exploring our Gilroy campus and entering the college classroom in addition to the rigors of the high school curriculum.

Welcome to our staff who come to the college each day with dedication and loyalty to the mission and values of the services we provide to the communities we serve year after year (f or the past ninety-nine years , to be exact.)

This is the First Friday Column that I try to publish with the help of the Public Information Office (PIO) at the beginning of each month. I am fortunate to have creative license to talk about whatever is really on my mind, and often it includes you, as you are often on my mind! The students, faculty and community members are the central part of the culture that makes up the distinct environment that is the lifeblood of what we do here, and it is important to report it in the stories captured throughout the year in multiple ways. Thanks to Jan Janes and Jan Bernstein Chargin, we do a great job.

And also thanks to Grant Richards and Jeronimo Garcia, who produce my podcasts throughout the year for your listening pleasure.

If you were able to attend Convocation on August 24th, you heard that this year our theme will be SERVICE. As in past years, we will have opportunities as a college community to explore our theme: what do we mean by service? How do we demonstrate values, assumptions and beliefs around service? How is service is symbolic in our community?

In this column are links to the power points that were shared on Convocation day by myself and Vice Presidents Kathleen Moberg and Denee Pescarmona to illustrate how service is active in the work we do each day. I have also included an inspiring speech by ASGC President Nolan Golden that explores service at its core.

This will be an exceptional year for Gavilan College. Not only is it the Year of Service and the last year before our Centennial Celebration (1919-2019), we have concluded our Facilities Master Plan and a GO Bond is on the November 2018 Ballot for our district. New programs have been launched in career education and our intercollegiate athletic programs are in full swing with teams competing in soccer, football, volleyball and more.

So welcome back to Gavilan College... as you see a staff member, a faculty member, a student or administrator on campus, say hello and share your Gavilan story. I look forward to seeing you on campus this fall as we move through year ninety nine together with service and pride!

Convocation Presentations
Dr. Kathleen Rose, Superintendent/President

Kathleen A. Rose, Ed.D.
Superintendent / President

(408) 848-4712
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