Today's news foretold in Matthew 24!

Have you noticed the increase of wars and rumors of wars, conflicts between nations, and kingdoms rising against one another? With dozens of conflicts in progress, the news is c oming so quickly that we cannot keep track - and we never  hear of every instance . Then famines, pestilences, and earthquakes - natural disasters replete with unspeakable suffering that splash across our screens every day - yet so common we hardly think a thing. We've become desensitized, immune to the cascading tragedies - as long as they haven't really affected us.

In a few days, people are going to flock to see the coming solar eclipse. It's one of a series of happenings in the heavens recently, but few in today's Church seem to ponder the possible prophetic implications of this shadowy event. And are we not also witness to an unprecedented outpouring of false teaching, persecution, and breathtaking betrayal epitomizing the love of many growing cold? As brother turns against brother, families and friendships suffer heartache, dissolution, and disaster and it's happening inside the Church as well as the world.

Could these signs and more be signals from God's Word that the Church Age is coming to a close? I believe so. Yet with all of this, most only yawn then whisper, "I see no significance... Life goes on."

Whether one ignores them or not, a ll of these sure signs appear in chapter 24 of Matthew's account describing what will be taking place on Earth just before Jesus return. However, note that none of the issues I've mentioned here were Christ's first focus as He began addressing His trusted inner circle on the Mount of Olives that day.

When Jesus' disciples approached and asked Him, "...when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?" (v.3), the Master didn't immediately respond with a checklist of what the troubling times of the end would include. That would come later. Instead, to the men who had sold out to follow Him and who had watched Him heal the sick, feed the 5,000, and even raise the dead, He answered:  "Take heed that no man deceive you."  (v.4)

What a needed message for believers - especially those living in the perilous end-times!  If Jesus' concern was that deception could overtake the eyewitnesses of His glory, how much more is His warning for us who are now witnessing the very signs heralding the end of the age?

Jesus' warning now magnified

I am convinced more with each passing day that deceptions of every description are soon to be unleashed against mankind with greater seductive power than ever before. In fact, it is already occurring. We are literally watching as evil becomes good and good evil around us (Isaiah 5:21-22). The Church is in the cross-hairs of this assault as the Enemy seeks to marginalize and thwart our effectiveness and if that be, what happens to the lost we are commissioned to reach? The final battle of the Church Age is the same as the initial one 2000 years ago: it is for truth. Without hesitation we must understand:  this is the time to take a stand like never before.

Exposing deception and peeling back its many layers in warning to the world and the Church is the very core message Take A Stand! Ministries has presented for almost 34 years. Most importantly, our mission has been giving answers for faith, proclaiming biblical truth, and confidently pointing to the soon coming of our King!

Won't you join us to make it happen?

It's all right here before us, current and in technicolor. Apostasy is becoming the norm and the examples illustrating the fulfillment of numerous prophetic passages in God's Word are too numerous to mention. And this while many pulpits preach only "feel good" pleasantries for fear of offending the crowd - fulfilling Paul's "itching ear" warning of 2 Timothy 4:3 week by week.

Few will refute the errors, nonsense, and outright heresy but we have and we will! It is what we are called and dedicated to do.

Now is the time and we appeal for your help.

Your support of Take A Stand! Ministries is vital to both increase the outreach and help assure our effectiveness in the days ahead.

If you've known me for long then you understand that I do not write letters like this often. In fact, I simply cannot recall writing our friends and supporters with such a sense of urgency.

Thank you so much for considering what you can do in partnering with us today. No gift is too small and certainly none too large! We are extremely grateful for your prayers and support.

Watching and waiting for the Blessed Hope (Titus 2:13)!

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