March 2021 Issue
Good Morning Sunshine

We are almost past the first quarter of this year and so much has happened and changed. 2021 seems to be another roller coaster ride in more ways than one.

Talking of roller coaster rides … the articles this month sure are… so diverse and powerful. They vary from thoughtful to thought-provoking, from children story to life-changing moments, from sweet stories to controversial ideas. Well worth reading each article published in this issue. Personally, I think this is one of the best I have published to date.

Talking about publishing … do you enjoy receiving these articles? Do you enjoy reading them twice a month? Would you like to publish a few articles or poems? Please let me know.

With that said, boil the kettle, switch off your cell phone and settle down to spending a relaxing afternoon reading 

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From the Pen of ....
​The Peace Mission
Poem by Michael Bradford

It is time for the peace mission to begin
For many years I have studied and prepared
Going over my notes and making sure that all is in order.
And now it is time, now is my golden opportunity
So I gently sit down with myself and ask
Am I ready to be at peace? Am I willing to let go of the struggle?
Am I ready to love myself? Am I ready to acknowledge the good parts of me?
Am I ready to welcome ................. Continue Reading

An Endless Dream
Poem by Neshni Naidoo

The mind untethered 
Wanders in an endless dream
Whilst the body is shackled
To an array of machines 
That monitor and medicate
Moments of lucidity
Faces recognised............ Continue Reading

How to change
Part 1:
Rely on figures of authority at your peril
Written by Elsabe Smit  
​(Psychic Reader & Healer)

It is now a year after this global circus has kicked off. Many people still believe and are waiting to “get back to normal”, while many other people by now understand that the world will never be the same again. There is a lot of insecurity about how the future will look and what we can expect and not expect. Our children have ............ Continue Reading

To All the Undealtwith
Written by Vanessa Anderson

I am a spiritual being, a soul entity having a human experience. We are all spiritual beings existing in the physical world. A world that does not always ‘fit’ right, makes us extremely uncomfortable and it starts with the question; why are we here? Truly, why are we here? Then, why is it so hard? Yet when we are asked, “How are you? “; “how are you doing?’ Are you okay?” – Our ‘go to’ response is; “I’m fine”.  But we are often NOT ok, we are sometimes anything but, ok. Even on a good day, there are hundreds of triggers that lead to – ‘not ok’ but we are just so accustomed…. programmed to move on, subvert, push down and get on ............. Continue Reading

Doubt Erased…
Poem by Ada Den Hollander

‘Did you take it?’, I ask
‘Of course, a few days ago’, you say
‘How do you feel?’, me
‘Muscles stiff, my left arm a bit sore’, you
‘It’s risky, some say’, me
‘Not at all, others say’, you
‘You believe them?’, me
‘Yes, I do’, you
‘Why would I do it?’, me.................. Continue Reading

The Worth of Truth
BY Olivia Britz

To all of you out there, subtle and successful addiction is hurtful every day….to that first glass of wine or anything for that matter which becomes your best friend and you know…nothing is its equivalent. Nothing fits the puzzle-like that glass of wine, then two of three and more and as you get drunk well you become safe. Then .......... Continue Reading
The Magic Blanket
written by Grazia Martienssen

Ben had a magic blanket on his bed, and whenever he wished to travel to magical places, he would sit on it, close his eyes, and say, “I wish I was under the ocean” or, “I wish I was in fairyland”. The blanket would miraculously fly wherever he wanted to go. One day the blanket flew to the ocean where he rode on a dolphin’s back. They took him underwater where they showed him all the colourful ............ Continue Reading 

The Other Women
by Debbie Jordaan

I`m going to use case studies to highlight the problems the other woman experiences. Heather is very hardworking and is always there to lend a hand when Paul needs it. Paul is living on the same property as he`s wife as they cannot get a divorce because they don`t want to lose the property. They live separate lives but for some reason only ........ Continue Reading

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