April 2021 Issue
From the Pen of ....
No Seriously, Let’s Get This Together
By Vanessa Anderson

I recently realised or more aptly recognised a trait that had been a particular habit of mine. The habit of “getting something over with”, “getting through it”, surviving the moment, walking through the flames and appearing on the other side unscathed, unharmed and generally still in one piece. It need not necessarily have applied to something nasty or uncomfortable. No. It could just have easily applied to something that was supposed to bring me joy, to be fun, and even ............. Continue Reading

Googly Eyes
Children story written by Grazia Martienssen

Naughty little bear was a bear with big round eyes that belonged to Cindy. He lived in the playroom with the other toys and got up to all kinds of mischief. He would hang on the curtains and swing, ride on the dogs back, jump on the bed, and do so many naughty things, I can’t even remember them ....... Continue Reading to your Child

Out The Mouths of Babes
Written by Deborah Jordaan

Today I`m going to be talking about two beautiful little souls that thrive no matter what life throws at them and the aspirations they have for their future selves. We should listen to the things children say as they are still so innocent until they meet wrong humans and make wrong decisions. These two boys live in a council flat community and yet they thrive. To them it`s not about where they live it`s about where they will be headed as they grow older. They are intelligent and .............. continue reading

Words Unspoken
Poem by Neshni Naidoo

Words unspoken on the tip of my tongue
But the opportunity's lost, the moment is gone
Words hastily in silence retreat
To regroup, for the right moment entreat
But the right moment never comes
And the words, restless they become
Mind and body come undone
And words disjointed ................. Continue Reading

The Great Master
Poem by Michael Edward Bradford

Over 2,000 years ago a great master walked this earth.
A great master who taught about love and peace and beauty
He also taught about forgiveness and compassion and the law of grace,
About understanding and bringing people home to themselves and to God.
He was a shepherd who gently and lovingly watched over his flock,
Guiding them to the greenest pastures, to the sweetest waterholes.
He knew each by their individual identities,
And by their individual strengths and weaknesses.
Yet he loved ............ Continue Reading

​A Fictitious Love Story
Written by Olivia Britz

I see you reaching out to me, but you are reaching out from a very far place and I am not sure I can come back. You see, what has happened is that I have died. It seems ludicrous to think that some-one is dead when you see them alive and you KNOW that there is a person in there who is capable of life and love and joy and excitement and rage and upset and anger, because even the latter are not negative feelings, they are feelings of energy and hope, yes because when we are angry and upset and raging, we have ........ Continue Reading

​How to Change
Part 2: Learn to cope with living in Utopia
Written by Elsabe Smit

As I indicated in part 1 of this article, I had heard the astounding argument from a colleague about me “being resistant to change”.  Are you aware of GESARA? If not, ignore the mainstream media and do your research. I will give you just three indications of how GESARA will change our lives in the not-too-distant future - no matter which country you live in. Any bank loan ........ Continue Reading

Our Behaviour
Written by Ada Den Hollander

The first aspect of our behaviour in this post has to do with turning a blind eye which I derive mainly from an interesting book I read last week entitled: Wilful Blindness. Written by researcher and businesswoman Margaret Heffernan. The book was first published in 2011 and has been updated and reprinted several times. The book is about how we tend to look away if a certain situation doesn’t feel right to us,........ Continue Reading

The Immigrant with the Tatty Brown Suitcase
(Extracts from a self-published book)
Written by Nina Ganci

Italy (1930 – 1940):  November month is winter in Europe; our Leonardo started his life in Italy, on the island, Sicily, in a little village, Castellammare del Golfo. Locally, the Ganci family celebrated the birth of the second son, Leonardo Ganci, the hero of this story. In the early hours of the morning, Leonardo Ganci (lovingly called Nanà by family and friends) breathed for the first time. This little baby boy, held the future of this humble family came into life ........... Continue Reading

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