May 29, 2020

In a week in which our cities have been wracked with unrest, the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area restates our core belief that all humans are equal in the eyes of God and deserving of dignity and safety. In this understanding, we must say that the murder of George Floyd on Monday by police was unprovoked, brutal, and fundamentally unjust. Those seven minutes, and all that lead to it, were an absolute violation of what God desires for human community and every human being.

In response, we have attached to this email three unique documents, accessible with the links below, each a crucial reflection of our community and our commitments:

It has been a difficult week, as news coverage and inflammatory language about looting and unrest have seemed to overshadow not only the much larger peaceful protests, but even the utter tragedy of George Floyd's murder at the hands of police. Let us not be distracted from the core issue: George Floyd’s life mattered. Black lives matter.

As a presbytery, we pledge to continue to use our words and actions to partner with our communities and leaders to repair these breaches in our common lives through truth-telling, accountability, and humility. May we move forward confident that this is a labor to which God calls us for our blessing, and for communal health and wholeness.

Your officers and executive presbyter,

Anna Kendig, Moderator Jean Emmons, Vice-Moderator
Barbara Lutter, Stated Clerk
Rocky Rockenstein, Presbytery Leadership Team Chair
Steve Robertson, Treasurer Jeffrey Japinga, Executive Presbyter