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From the Principal's Desk 

May 9, 2018
Dear Festival Committee Chairs, Parents, Faculty, Students, Parishioners, Alumni, Alumni Parents, Parish Families, and Friends:
Thank you,  Mount Carmel community,  for the hours and hours of hard work, effort, and enthusiasm you gave to make Wild West Days 2018 such a success. Your generous gifts of talent, time and treasure made for a wonderful weekend. 
The "official" amount profited is yet to be determined, but the money raised is substantial, and for that I am truly grateful.  A special and heartfelt thank you to the following people for their leadership roles.
To Festival Chair, Mary-K Musich, thank you for the hundreds of hours you and your family put into making the Festival profitable, safe, fun and exciting! The countless hours you and your team spent during festival weekend and throughout the last months have not gone unrecognized. Your leadership, determination and work ethic made sure things ran smoothly and ensured that the Festival was successful! Thank you for  your leadership and for all your enthusiasm that made Festival 2018 so wonderful!
To Food Co-Chairs Aneesh Bakshi and Katie Schorr-Pardini, who oversaw all the Food & Beverage, thank you  for the many, many hours put into spearheading these booths. The hours given before, during and after the Festival are truly appreciated. Your positive attitude, amazing work ethic and kindness make you great leaders! What a grand and wonderful selection of delicious food and drink. Many thanks to Primo Flores, Scott Johnson & Mike Schorr for overseeing the Bar and to the Men's Club for an outstanding job running it all weekend;  to the Ovlen-Sanchez family for organizing the amazing Mexican Food Booth; to the Johnson and Suayan families for the wonderful Filipino Food booth; to Brian Moscini for taking care of the Grill; and to Cocker and Hayes families for our very popular Polynesian Food Booth. Liz Batres did a fantastic job overseeing the Snack Shack; thanks to Maureen Arnott & Gina Malaspina, the ever popular Sweet Treat booth was, again, a great dessert destination; and Shaun Gaffney did a great job with the Shaved Ice. The food and drinks were wonderful and so many compliments were received on the variety of food offered. Bless the food and beverage crews for your endless energy. Special thanks, also, to Stephanie Howard & Kirsten McGowan for overseeing breakfast for the Carnival workers on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. Many thanks, also, to our decorator, Denise Benson, who made the Wild West theme so fit the Large Hall and yard.
A huge amount of gratitude to Lou de Melo for his countless hours overseeing the facilities, making sure things ran safely and taking care of all the "little glitches" efficiently and quickly. Set-up and clean-up ran as smooth as ever because of his experience and leadership. Your crew did a fantastic job.  
Many thanks to Rachel Chetcuti, Monica Hird, Colleen Langridge & Karen Sammons for once again coordinating the game booths. The bounce house, cake spin, dime toss, "Kid Korral", lollipop pick, ping-pong toss, plant spin, salami toss, etc. were so much fun for young and old, alike!   
Special thanks to Mary K Musich for making the prize booth "the shopping spot".  Jeri Daines & Kami Sala, thank you for your wonderful collection of "goodies" for the Kids' Raffle. The baskets and gift certificates were a huge success; the Nintendo Switch, so popular. Thank you, families and friends, for donating such great items to this long-standing Festival tradition. Thank you, also, to Christine Dulany taking care of the Ride Wristband/Food Card sales at the Fulton Street gate the week before the festival. Special thanks to Jeannie Gallagher (an alumni herself and both an alumni mom and grandma) for her help above and beyond the call of duty. For the hours and hours of behind the scenes work done by Erin Campany on the scheduling of all the booth workers and to Jen Royer and Jennifer Zemanek for taking care of on-site check in of volunteers, thank you. Kudos to Kelly Keniston, Bank Chair, and Beth Keelan for all the hours to ensure the finances of the weekend were accurate and secure. Your team was great!   
And without the following chairs, the Festival would not have been complete: John Avilla,  Shane McLaughlin & Joe Rakow  - Entertainment; Chris Rasmussen - Security; Elise Dixon - Beautification;  Maricela Medina and Johannah Rasmussen - Information booth; Laura Collins, Chrissy Lindberg  and Tami Nurisso - Cake & Garden booths;  Shauna Pillado - Round-Up; the Maldonado family - Ping Pong Toss; Christina Laskowski - Dime Toss. Thank you to the faculty and staff who manned our food ticket booth. Special thanks to Nori Jabba & Theresa Torgerson for their efforts with sponsorships. Thank you for keeping our Redwood City Community engaged in our Spring Festival. And, finally, to alum dads Gus Moreno for helping with the details for the beverages and Steve Skinner and John Sheldon for helping with set up for the weekend; and alumni moms Yolanda Lopez and Aidan Prado for all their help with the Mexican Food booth. We are blessed to have these men and women involved in our weekend event.  
In closing, I say thank you again to Mary-K for leading us all and for making Festival 2018 a wonderful weekend! Our God took great care of us and blessed us with good weather, wonderful times, fantastic workers and happy memories.
Thank you, one and all.
Teresa Anthony
"Queen of the Festival" 
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