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From the Principal's Desk 

February 14, 2018
Dear Families,
When Registration Fees are paid, $60.00 of the fee collected goes into each child's class fund. This money is used for usual classroom expenditures, such as field trips or special projects which have an academic purpose and enrich the curriculum and class parties. This amount is known as the "Current Balance" and is listed here. The establishment of class funds was made after a recommendation by the school board, and approved by the administration. The reasoning behind "Class Funds" is two-fold. First, it eliminates the need for teachers to request that money be brought in by their students for these activities and all the necessary bookkeeping which that entails. Second, it allows each class to build its own individual fund that carries forward each year.
The "banked" money is used for a variety of special expenditures, chief among them being the sixth and eighth grades' participation in an environmental, spiritual camp experience. This week-long program gives students the opportunity to "live what they learn," apply their classroom science education in a real world setting and to have faith experiences outside the normal school setting. These programs currently cost about $450 per student per week and includes transportation to and from camp, camp, special classroom presentations before and after camp, camp insurance, the expense of cabin leaders and an enrichment trip to the ocean. By establishing class funds, we eliminate the need for families to bear the total cost of this important program and experience. This fund reduces the amount paid by each family and eliminates the need for extensive fundraising efforts to offset the cost of camp.
The "Current Balance" fluctuates as field trips are taken, hot lunches happen and camp occurs. The Class Fund Program takes away the need to "nickel and dime" families, while giving classes an equal opportunity for fund raising and promoting a savings plan which keeps our programs affordable and field trip experiences bountiful. Additionally, funds raised are used for the seventh grade to host a brunch after the Graduation Awards Ceremony for the 7th and 8th grade students, the faculty and the 8th grade parents, and an evening event for the 7th and 8th grade students. Funds remaining in a class account at the end of 8th grade are used for graduation activities, including the 8th grade trip and the 8th grade gift to the school.
Class funds may be added to during the school year through the hot lunch program. Each class is given an equal opportunity to sponsor three hot lunches during the school year. In a further effort to increase the funds and reduce the cost to families, grades 5, 6, and 7 each sponsor an additional fundraiser. The fifth grade coordinates the Book Fair; the sixth grade sells SpiritWear; the seventh grade sells See's Easter candy; and the seventh/eighth grades may host an "event", such as the recent dance.

This has been a very successful and practical approach to acquiring funds to support the educational experience of our students. If you have any questions about the Class Fund Program, feel free to email me or give me a call at 650-366-6127.
Teresa Anthony