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"Believe in fresh starts and new beginnings."   


August 30, 2017  


Dear Families:


Thank you to all the families who already attended Back-to-School Nights. Your presence is truly appreciated and wanted. If you have any questions , concerns, clarifications, please communicate with the teachers via e-mail or by leaving a phone message with the office.


As the primary educators, you make a real difference in promoting a positive learning experience for your child, both at school and at home!  You are your child's first and most important teacher. I share with you again this year four ways you can support your child in his/her faith journey and academic career:


1)     Be an example.

  • Make weekend Mass a PRIORITY. Go to church as a family, discuss the Gospel, participate in singing and saying the responses. Be ACTIVE! Be ENGAGED! 
  • Find God moments in every day occurrences. Share in the beauty of nature, the changing sky, the shorter days, warm evenings; and remind your child that these are all miracles from God.
  • Tithe by giving of your time, talent and treasure. Help little ones see the importance of putting a small amount in the collection. Be the example. 
    Remember, it is not the amount, but the action. 
  • You are the church! Become engaged, involved and present!
2)     Be a learner
  • Read: Let your child/ren see you read. Read to your child or with your child. Go to the library together. Your child will see how important reading is to you and will want to copy what you are doing.
  • Learn: Continue your own education. Remain curious about learning new things. Your child is watching you!
  • Teach: Have educational resources in your home - books, maps, magazines and technology. Be alert to teachable moments! Take advantage of those opportunities to help your child learn. Open a website together, watch an educational program on PBS, go to a map to show where something has happened in our world. Listen to and discuss the news. Help them understand the world is more than just their home town.

3)    Be a supporter of school rules.

  • Rules and procedures: The beginning of a new school year is a great time to review rules together. Have you reviewed the Parent - Student Handbook? Download it here.
  • Home and classroom: Talk about home rules that will support your child's learning. Research shows children like rules that help create an atmosphere where they can learn better. Rules provide predictability and routines that are valuable assets for learners.

4)    Be informed and involved.

  • Room parent, field trip driver, classroom assistant or project helper - find some way to contribute to the class. Make a special effort to be present.
  • Parent-teacher conferences and communication: Take advantage of these opportunities to stay informed about your child's progress at school.
  • Check Beehively - online grades and class web page host. The information keeps you informed of your child's life at school.

"The capacity for hope is the most significant fact of life. It provides human beings with a sense of destination and the energy to get started." - Norman Cousins 




Teresa Anthony, Principal