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From the Principal's Desk 

September 13, 2017   
Dear Families,
Monday of this week marked the third week of school. The children, faculty, staff and I are settling into a nice routine. Our first all-school liturgy last Wednesday, with the theme of "Sharing Our Light", was led by the 6th grade with the 5th grade being the choir. It is heartwarming to see Christ's light shine through the faces of the children as they promised to follow the "Golden Rule", to care for all God's creatures and to set examples for younger students..
The Fall Fundraiser is at about the midway point and from all reports from Chairs Tracey Jackson and Jessica Pettis, the sale is going well. Let us remember, when we see these ladies, to say thank you for coordinating this most important annual fundraiser. The kids love selling, the prizes and the anticipation of having their name called at morning assembly for a highly sought after "plush animal".

And on a more global note, the United States Conference of Catholic bishops has asked that this be a time of dedicated prayerful reflection and intentions for peace and racial justice for our nation. Given the violence experienced several weeks ago in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the upcoming planned presence this Saturday in Richmond, Virginia, of white supremacists, neo-confederate and racist groups, the bishops of our nation have asked us to pray for the forgiveness and healing within our country over the relationships of people from various cultural and racial backgrounds. For Christians, violence is never the  response to prejudice, hatred, and injustices.  Through the gift of the Holy Spirit, God can help us oppose these actions in peaceful ways: prayer, inclusion and learning of others' faith beliefs, traditions and customs. God calls us to love others, always!  Last weekend's readings remind us that we are all responsible and must work towards justice, kindness and inclusion of all through our actions, words and prayers. We are reminded that, as Christ's disciples, we are united by God's law of love and when we truly love by His law, we see God living among us. As Paul says: "Love does no evil to the neighbor; hence, love is the fulfillment of the law." What happened in Charlottesville by white supremacists does not align with scripture or our call to "Love our neighbor". The Gospel of Matthew gives us a practical way of dealing with significant differences disrupting the unity of a community (Matthew 18:15-20). Please continue to pray for peace and to reach out to all our neighbors with an open heart and mind. Let us join together as a community of believers and commit ourselves to accept all and to reject divisive behaviors, actions or words. Let peace shine within each of us and let our actions speak loudly and confidently of our desire to make our homes, school and world welcoming and inviting.   

With peace & love,

Teresa Anthony