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From the Principal's Desk 

June 6, 2018 
Dear Families:
It is with much gratitude and love I say thank you for the beautiful reception last Sunday. The outpouring of your time, your kind wishes and delicious treats made for a perfect evening.
As I reflect on my last twenty-eight years, I take with me wonderful OLMC memories embraced in a spirit of kindness, love, support and generosity beyond measure. As I move into this new phase of my life, I am looking forward to enjoying new experiences, spending more time with family and friends and serving others in a new way!
As summer moves into fall, I will take time to look back with pride all the lives I have touched, the achievements of the school that WE as a community have achieved and to remember with much appreciation the special children and families that have blessed my life as I have done God's work in Catholic education for the last forty years.

As a lasting tribute, I am humbled by the arcade being named in my honor. This truly is fitting as I have so many fond memories in this spot - chatting with Kindergartners as they ate their snacks, leading the school in prayer, coordinating rainy day pick-up, celebrating Festivals, hot lunch time and Auction entrances. I am truly touched and honored.

It has always been a passion of mine to help make Catholic education affordable for families. Perhaps this has grown from when I was a child and my family could not afford to send me to Catholic school. A huge thank you to all families, past and present, who have already donated to the Teresa M. Anthony Endowed Scholarship Fund. It brings a tear to my eyes! If you would like to do something to honor me, please consider donating to this fund! By creating an endowed fund, it guarantees that the donated dollars will not be spent and only the money earned will support the endeavor, the privilege of Catholic education!

And so, as I retire from Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, I will celebrate the wonderful memories, treasure the many hugs, the thousands of smiles and the satisfaction of a job well done! I will, all the days of my life, continue to pray for our beautiful community!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the privilege of serving you as principal for twenty eight years!

Blessings, gratitude, and much love, 
Teresa Anthony