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From the Principal's Desk                  

February 7, 2018
Dear Families,
It's time! I write this letter with mixed emotions as I announce my retirement at the end of this school year as principal of OLMC School for the past 28 years .

When I first entered this school, I had twins at home in diapers, a nanny I depended on deeply and a ten year old son at St. Charles School, where I had taught Junior High and been vice-principal for twelve years. In 1990, the sense of community, the rootedness in the Sisters of Notre Dame charism and the welcome spirit of the pastor, faculty, parents and students made me realize that I had made the correct career choice. I would be remiss to imply there weren't a few (very few) times I wanted to run from the school screaming, but there were hundreds more times when I thanked God he had chosen to put me on this path at this school.

When I was appointed to this position in 1990, I took the reins knowing that there were many challenges - declining enrollment, large debt, cuts in ancillary programs, no classroom aides, and veteran teachers uncertain of what the school would become with its first lay principal. I had, of course, many aspirations and dreams which, I am glad to say, many have come to fruition. Today, we have a balanced budget, a robust and thriving Tuition Assistance Fund, an endowment that exceeds one million dollars, a strong savings account, a comprehensive, rigorous curriculum that supports all learners. Furthermore, we have an educational system that serves children ages 3 - 14, including TK students, a great sports program, and a wonderful facility with additions and upgrades that have only made our school plant that much more appealing.

All of these accomplishments have happened on my watch, but definitely not by me! These successes happened because of our community of pastors, faculty, staff, parents , children and parishioners who, over time, have faithfully shared their gifts of time, talent and treasure to build up the kingdom of God in this little place in the world called Our Lady of Mount Carmel School. It has been a joy and a gift to partner with all of you these past 28 years. My life has truly been fulfilled and richly  blessed as I have faithfully served in Catholic education for 41 years.

As we journey through the end of the school year, I will continue all the tasks necessary to prepare the school for next year, including kindergarten and new student enrollment, budget and calendar setting,  and personnel contracts and evaluations. I will also assist Fr. Ulysses as he works with the Department of Catholic Schools and a committee in selecting my replacement.

With much gratitude to our God, I say thank you for the gift he has given me to be the principal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School.

With love and appreciation,
Teresa Anthony