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From the Principal's Desk                  

A Thanksgiving Prayer

(for children to lead)


Father, we thank You for the night

And for the pleasant morning light;

For rest and food and loving care

And all that makes the day so fair.

Help us do the things we should;

To be to others kind and good

In all we do in work and play;

To grow more loving every day.




November 22, 2017


Dear Families,


During this time of harvest and thanksgiving for all God has blessed us with, I take time to reflect on the gifts this community shares with me.


I am most grateful to the families who eagerly, enthusiastically, willingly and generously support the endeavors of educating all the children of our parish school. Parents, as primary educators, who support the teachers, have helped the school develop a strong curriculum. This is enriched with activities and opportunities for young people to be Active Christians by attending Mass; Socially Responsible by supporting Community Outreach Drives; and Knowledge Seekers by participating in academic contests.


I am blessed with a faculty and staff who are committed to Catholic education. They work long hours so students are successful. Their competence, faith, spirit, energy and love for what they do helps form young people filled with hope, love, compassion and a sense of accomplishment.


I am thankful to the pastor for his support of the parish school. Father Ulysses gives of his time and works with the teachers to help the students grow in their faith and love for God. 


I am appreciative of the parishioners and the Sisters of Notre Dame, for their continuous support through prayer, resources and treasures. They help me to see more clearly that I am truly blessed to be the principal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School.


And finally, the children - the core, the heart, the soul - of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School. Their energy, eagerness and enthusiasm for their school fills me with pride and joy. Their innocence and brightness makes me eager  to be at school each day. 


I know that God has been my strength as I have worked to do what is best for all the children of this school. I am richly blessed and, I believe, a better person because of all the people who have touched my life over the past twenty-eight years. I am truly thankful to be part of this amazing school community.


Blessings at Thanksgiving,


Teresa Anthony