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"God is faithful, and by him you were called to fellowship
with his Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord." - 1 Corinthians 1:9

November 29, 2017


Dear Families,


The new Liturgical Year begins on the First Sunday of Advent, December 3rd. This is an exciting time in the Church as we prepare and wait for the Christ child. The Liturgical Year is divided into three cycles - A, B & C. On the first Sunday of Advent, December 3rd, we embark on cycle B with a reading from the Gospel of Mark.  


As a family, there are many ways to journey through the Advent season and prepare for the Christ Child.

  • Read and discuss the Sunday Gospels with your family*
    • Week 1 - Mark  13:33-37    "Jesus said to His disciples: 'Be watchful! Be alert! You do not know when the time will come.' " How can we use the time of Advent to prepare for Christ's coming?
    • Week 2 - Mark 1:1-5, 7-8    "And this is what (John, the Baptist) proclaimed: 'One mightier than I is coming after me... I have baptized you with water. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.' " Are you prepared to meet Christ should he show up today??
    • Week 3 - John 1:6-8, 23-28    " (John, the Baptist) said: 'I am the voice of one crying in the desert. "Make straight the way of the Lord," as Isaiah the prophet said.' "  Think of a time when you felt your actions and words were a reflection of Christ.
    • Week 4 - Luke 1:26-28     "The angel Gabriel...said to (Mary), 'Hail, full of grace! The Lord is with you.' " What kind of message do you think your Guardian Angel has for you?
  • Participate as a family in a parish, city or county service opportunity such as
    • the Giving Tree sponsored by the parish.
    • signing up for Redwood City community improvement events.
    • sorting food at Second Harvest Food Bank in San Carlos.
  • Look at other service opportunities available through Catholic Charities, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Catholic Worker House or Maple Street Shelter.
  • Actively engage your family in the monthly school-wide Community Outreach Project. Make it a priority to support next month's Toy Drive for Catholic Worker House sponsored by the fourth grade.  
  • Make the Advent Wreath present in your home. Say prayers around the wreath each time you gather as a family for meals. 
  • Read Fr. Ulysses' message in the Parish Bulletin and/or discuss the weekly homilies.

We each are, and become even more, a disciple of Christ when we actively journey through Advent and truly prepare for the Christ Child on Christmas Day.  




Teresa Anthony



* Questions are from "Celebrating Sunday for Catholic Families 2017-2018"