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From the Principal's Desk 

March 7, 2018
Dear Families,
Throughout the months of February and March, the Finance Committee - Fr. Ulysses,  Beth Keelan, Alex Matei, Kris Olstead, Adam Plumpton, Vivian Yao and I - has been meeting to develop a preliminary budget. It will be presented to the School Board and the Parish Finance Committee next week. Both groups will review the proposed budget and Father Ulysses and I, will decide on the Finance Committee recommendations for the 2018-19 school year. The information below explains how the budget is developed annually. 
In early February, faculty and staff are asked to submit a Budget Expenditure Request Form. This preliminary request lists program needs and wants for the upcoming school year. I take this information, along with the Budget Building Factors secured from the Archdiocese of San Francisco Department of Catholic Schools and present a preliminary budget to the School Finance Committee. This includes salaries, health insurance, retirement program, diocesan and program fees, etc. With this information, along with review of previous year's fundraisers, a preliminary budget is set.
The first step taken to determine revenue is to review the financial reports of the previous year's fundraisers. An analysis of the financial data of each fund raising project is reviewed and income amounts are projected. The Finance Committee then reviews other sources of income, A Kid's Place, registration fees, testing fees, interest and restricted fund dollars available to be released. After careful review of all expenditures and all sources of revenue, tuition is determined.   The committee will review the continuation, expansion, decrease or increase of programs, all in relation to the impact of increased tuition and/or increased fund raising activities on school families. 
Other factors reviewed by the school's Finance Committee through the spring months include:
  • the Contributed Service Hours program.
  • the SCRIP program.
  • the discount given for paying tuition annually or semi-annually.
  • the discount given for multiple children families.
  • early withdrawal fees. 
  • tuition rate for non-participating families
In summary, if you add a fundraiser, the tuition/fees will go down and if you take away a fundraiser or income source, the tuition/fees will go up, unless we can determine other sources of income that could help secure the future for children and families being able to afford Catholic education. DEVELOPMENT is the key to this other source of income and something we have actively pursued over the course of many years.  
Tuition for the 2018-19 school year will most likely increase because salary costs are projected to increase by roughly 3.5%, along with projected increases in Diocesan-driven employee benefits.  
Please note that the re-enrollment fee, tuition and fund raising activities support all program costs including, but not limited to:
  • 180 days of school
  • Ancillary Programs - Music, PE, Spanish
  • Counselor and Social Emotional learning curriculum
  • Art in Action
  • All one-day field trips
  • 40 - 60% of week-long science camp fees in grades 6 and 8
  • Online Renaissance STAR Testing
  • Yearbooks for all students
  • Class parties/special celebrations/End-of-Year Picnic
  • PTG dues and PTG-sponsored events (i.e. New Parent Dinner, Grandparents Day, Catholic Schools Week Open House)
  • Vision and/or Hearing screening
  • Support of After-School Sports program 
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Technology upgrades, maintenance of equipment and web-based programs
  • Textbooks and all program supplies
  • Library collection development
  • Professional Development
  • Educational programs that support curriculum
  • Furniture, fixtures & equipment
  • Facility repairs and upgrades
On February 21st, re-enrollment letters for the 2018-19 school year were e-mailed to families of students who will be entering grades 1 - 8. It included a link to the re-enrollment form in which you should indicate whether or not your family is returning next year. The re-enrollment fee has been set at $355/student and can be paid by check or through your FACTS account. When you indicate that you are returning, a  registration form will open, in which you will indicate your preferences for tuition plan, contributed service hours, scrip participation, etc. Please submit the online forms and the re-enrollment fee by Thursday, March 15th.    Towards the end of March, the Finance Committee will send out their annual Budget recap document, which will include the actual 2018-19 tuition rates for both the school and A Kid's Place.
If you have any questions about the process described above or tuition for the upcoming school year please contact me at 366-6127 or tanthony@mountcarmel.org.
Teresa Anthony