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Dear St. Norbert School Families,

In our continued efforts to keep you up to date on the health and safety of our students and the adults at the school, we wanted to make you aware of the following:

In addition to the 7th grade student who has tested positive, we are awaiting the results of three other tests, which we expect to receive at some point this weekend. If all three tests were to come back positive, that would be four positive cases within 14 days and in accordance with State guidelines, that would trigger an entire school closure for three days beginning Monday, resulting in virtual classes through Wednesday. While we hope this will not be the case, we wanted to prepare you for the possibility.

After a close review of the most recent health policies and guidance provided by the state and county, a 10-day quarantine will be applied moving forward for anyone who has been in close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case. We also recognize the original guideline of a 14-day quarantine after exposure to a confirmed COVID-19 case. If a family would choose to extend their student’s quarantine from 10 days to 14 days, the school will fully support that decision and provide any assistance as needed.  

Finally, we wanted to mention that to date the large majority of the positive cases have originated with an adult sickness in households. With this in mind, we cannot stress enough the importance of vigilance regarding possible symptoms of COVID, keeping students at home for virtual instruction if there is a concern about possible household exposure, and close communication with the school nurses and administration as we move forward through the school year. Thank you to all the families who have been so forthcoming with the school and careful with their decisions. 

We will be in touch with another update pending our receipt of test results. 

Blessings to your families,
Mrs. Mary Kay Hennessy, Principal
David Fritz, Health & Safety Committee Co-Chair
David Savage, Health & Safety Committee Co-Chair

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