Save today on the only technical event in 2016 for CA 2E and CA Plex.

Hi, my name is Steve Solomon and I recently became the new Product Manager for the CA 2E and CA Plex portfolio.  We can get acquainted for a few minutes next Tuesday, April 26 at a CA Community Webinar.

More importantly, you have the opportunity to meet extensively with me and my CA technical team  at the iCAthlon Games, June 1-3 in Austin, Texas  
Don't let the name confuse you. 
The lower case "i" stands for IBM Power i and the CA stands for you know who!  The Summer X-Games are being held in Austin during our Conference; and our "Games" will challenge both managers and developers technically and strategically throughout the event.
The iCAthlon Conference is endorsed by CA and the only event in 2016 with a sharp focus specific to both CA 2E and CA Plex Businesses.
Beyond the IBM and DB2 sessions, our Attendees will receive:
  •   the latest information concerning CA 2E CA Plex roadmaps and possible features
  •   a chance to influence my thinking about the future personality of these products.
  •   a wealth of sessions designed to deliver future value today, from existing CA Assets.
Our CA 2E and CA Plex Products continue to drive business results for thousands of organizations worldwide. But we are under pressure as never before to deliver results from these aging systems. The iCAthlon is designed  to assist those game-changers and difference-makers within their organizations tasked with modern CA 2E CA Plex business performance.
With all of the changes going on in this business, I ask you to join my team and I in Austin,  so we can truly experience what makes this Worldwide Community so special!
Oh, and for those who attend both Webinar and the iCAthlon Games, we have a $25 Uber gift card for you.
Best regards,
-Steve Solomon

Steve Solomon 
CA Sr. Principal Product Manager

Steve is the Product Manager for the Development Languages portion of the Application Development portfolio.  Dev. languages includes the following products Gen, Plex, 2E, Telon, Aion and Easytrieve.  Steve has an 18-year history working with Application Development.