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June 2019 Newsletter
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Buddy, I Was Born This Way  

No doubt you've noticed that people who have dogs as kids are more likely to have them as adults. But did you know the reason is actually genetics?
A scientific study published recently in the journal Nature looked at fraternal and identical twins and found that the desire to have a dog is at least 50 percent genetic. (The researchers compared more than 80,000 twins in the Swedish twin registry with dog registration records.)
In other words, it's not (just) that having a dog as a kid was awesome and you want to do it again (and again), but rather that your parents may have passed down a dog-loving gene.
A previous twin study found that identical twins are more likely to spend similar amounts of time playing with their dogs than fraternal twins, also suggesting that the love of dogs has a strong genetic component.
So why study this? There are two questions the study could help answer. The first is how dogs benefit our health. Science has shown that dog owners are likely to be healthier than non-dog owners, but it's unclear whether the dog is what causes better health. That makes doctors less likely to recommend dogs to people who are obese or depressed - or suffering from any of the other conditions dog owners are less likely to have. The new study considers that the same genes that spur dog ownership may also lead to the better health outcomes.
This is kind of bad news, because it erodes the case you might make to your boss or landlord that you need your dog with you to improve your health.
The other area of interest is how dogs ceased being wolves and started cuddling up with humans. The study hypothesizes that a genetic variant could have increased some ancient humans' interest in wolves, and over time these early dog enthusiasts trained the wolves to tolerate humans.
Golden Gate Lab Rescue Pet Fairs & Events  
Come meet the dogs & your GGLRR Volunteers!

What makes us different
Some rescue dogs have had a rough start. We invest in making them good canine citizens so they can be a cherished member of their new family. We send dogs to training if they have behavior challenges and rehab them if they have injuries (see Mary below) before adopting them out. We'll tell you up front what issues the dogs have because nobody's perfect!  
June 29-30 out and proud at SF Pride
July 20, Pet Food Express, Novato, 11-2
August 10, Molly's Pup-purr-ee, Danville, 10-1
September 7, Pet Food Express, San Jose - Blossom Hill, 11-2
October 20, Toyota, Novato 11-2  
Lab pride
Some of the 
10-year-old spayed female yellow Lab mix, ~70 lbs. 
Cami was a companion animal who helped her previous owner with PTSD, and now she needs a loving companion herself. Her previous owner passed away and the family is not able to keep her. Cami is a calm, loving dog, who gets along with other canines. (Felines not so much.) She's used to being with her person 24/7, so we're hoping her new family will take her most places.

Contact Rescue Rep Dave, 415-686-4248, 

Lucky and Coco
10-year-old altered male & female Labs, 60 & 50 lbs.

These two sweet pups just want to chill at your place! They are not siblings but have been together forever and get along great, so we'd like to find them a new home together. They are loving, easy dogs. Their only request is no kitties please! 
Contact Rescue Rep Liz at
4-yr-old, to-be-spayed yellow Lab mix, 75 lbs.
Bella is an energetic dog who needs more training. She does well with other dogs and likes kids, though tends to jump and otherwise be rowdy.  She is learning fast in training now, so the project is manageable! She has been an outdoor dog and needs to be lovingly welcomed into the house and not left alone for too long. 
Please contact Rescue Rep Liz at
4-year-old, neutered male black Lab mix, 68 lbs.
Cash is loving and fun and has basic training down pat. He gets on well with other dogs, but is reactive with strangers. He is a fantastic dog with people he knows. His new owner will need a quiet home and the patience to work on his meet-and-greet skills. This is a diamond in the rough. 
Please contact Rescue Rep Dave at 415-686-4248 or

Remember that litter of tiny puppies we adopted out over the summer? Well, they're bigger now. And Chase's owner Joyce is pretty smitten. She counts 5,000 photos of him and counting. 

When Tiggy was in GGLRR foster care about a year ago, she had a TPLO surgery to repair a torn cruciate ligament. You can't keep a good dog down! Her new family reports that she is a great running and hiking partner -- and an absolute love all around. Happy trails, Tiggy!

Bodie was underweight with an injured tail and reported to be part Great Dane when he was last seen at GGLRR. Tail's better, he's gaining weight, and his vet says he probably doesn't have any Great Dane. His new family says, "Whatever he is, we love him and his wonderful demeanor and are so thrilled he is a part of our family." 

Volunteers Needed  
Fosters Needed
   "Can you foster me?"  
We are always looking for foster homes in the Bay Area. 
If you know anyone who would like to take a lab in for a few weeks please let us know.  
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