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Well, this is a message I did not want to type. After weeks of watching the COVID numbers, after talking to experts, after assessing the vaccination rate of the workers at Camp Forest Springs, after trying to imagine 48 hours of St. Thomas folks socially distancing and wearing masks (and not wanting to), after trying to figure out how meals would work, after interpreting CDC guidelines, after trying to figure out how to play games safely, after the Cursillo weekend was canceled, and after many conversations with our staff, I have decided to cancel our Fellowship Camp this year. 

I am exceedingly tired of canceled or delayed plans. I crave the fellowship that our camp offers. I long for it. Pray for those who needed to go, but now can’t. Pray for COVID numbers to get better and we can offer other paths to get together. Pray for Camp Forest Springs. We will still pay them for the weekend and reserve our place for next year. Pray for St. Thomas as we continue to run this marathon. 

I’m praying for you, please pray for me and for the leadership of St. Thomas.

Fr. Ralph+
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