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For too long, the changes we have dealt with in the church have been difficult to bear. For a long time, the focus has too often been on what we can’t do. However, there are some new changes that are offering us some relief.

Soon after the CDC changed its masking guidelines, our Diocesan COVID-19 Task Force met and changed ours as well! Instead of being strongly encouraged to wear masks, wearing masks is now optional. That means when you come to St. Thomas on a Sunday morning, or Wednesday evening, or any time you'd like, if you prefer not to wear a mask, that is your decision. If you decide to wear a mask in church and during the services, that is fine too. We don’t want a policy that excludes anyone.

On Sunday, March 6, we will begin to have Coffee Hour again! Coffee and individually wrapped snacks will be offered. Physical distancing continues to be encouraged, for while the pandemic numbers are decreasing, there continues to be a need to manage risk. 

We understand that while many of you will be happy to return to 8AM and/or 10AM church without masks, there are also many of you who do not yet feel safe in public gatherings. Our livestreamed services and other virtual offerings such as our video podcast, the Lenten small plates, and zoom classes will continue.

As we go through this period of time, I covet your prayers for the leadership of St. Thomas. We want to provide meaningful and accessible worship and fellowship. I ask your prayers for each other. We all need strength and patience. We all need to receive the gifts of God in our daily lives. 

Fr. Ralph+
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