St. C's cross
From the Rector's Desk
The Rev. Ledlie I. Laughlin
Rector, St. Columba's Episcopal Church, Washington, DC
Dear Ones,
Children, children everywhere! This is one of the great blessings of St. Columba’s. I write with updates from a number of parishioners who are playing a vital role in our children’s ministry.
"The Search Committee for our next new director of Children's Ministries is off and running. The committee, which consists of Peyton Craighill, Dana Crepeau, Meredith Dresner, Jeremiah Williams and me, i s meeting weekly with the ultimate goal of recommending a final candidate in the next 4-5 months. We appreciate everyone sharing the  job posting  widely, and praying for the committee during this important process."
          ~ Erika Sward , Children's Ministries Search Committee chair
Our search consultants tell us that 70% of all positions are filled by a candidate who is already known (even tangentially) to a member of the congregation. You may already know the person we need to call to fill this position so please, pray, connect, and spread the word .
"The (newly created) Renovation Team is charged with planning for the future of our children’s ministry. We are blessed with a strong program which is a core element of the St. Columba’s experience. Going forward, we also want to ensure continued viability, consider new approaches, and create alignment with our youth ministry and St. Columba’s overarching vision. 
The team will kick off later this month with a retreat and continue to meet monthly for the next 12-18 months. Our members include: Kimberly Davis, Kesha Evans, Elizabeth Haile, Caroline Handorf, Liana Johnson and me. Please seek us out if you have thoughts to share on this exciting work."
           ~ Emily Lawson , Renovation Team chair
While some look to our future, we have a great team providing love and guiding us along this fall:
"Sundae Sunday was a terrific success! Thanks to everyone who came back to church with gusto. I loved meeting so many new families - both new to the parish and new to me. It’s never too late to register your child for Sunday School and classes begin this coming Sunday September 15."
           ~ Katie McGervey , I nterim Director of Children’s Ministries
And for those who worship in the Great Hall:

" I am excited to be playing music in the Great Hall 9:15 am service starting this Fall! I know several St. C's families already as I've previously taught music at the Nursery School and have a daughter attending there now ... in the Dolphin class! As a local singer/songwriter, I create CDs for babies and toddlers and teach music classes through my company Meadowlark Music Lessons. I’ve loved music and education forever, starting as a middle school band, choral, and orchestra director in Chapel Hill, NC. I studied flute performance as an undergrad and music education in graduate school. I look forward to singing, sharing and having a beautiful Sunday morning experience with you all. "
~ Amber Dutton-Hanlon 
With deep gratitude for all our children, and this St. Columba’s village, called to love and help them grow.
The Rev. Ledlie I. Laughlin