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From the Rector's Desk
The Rev. Ledlie I. Laughlin
Rector, St. Columba's Episcopal Church, Washington, DC
Dear Ones,

During the eight years since the Rev. Jason Cox joined the staff of St. Columba’s, he has exercised a wide variety of ministries and had occasion to support us in our own journey in faith. He has been among us as pastor, teacher, preacher, and guide.
Please come to the Great Hall for “Jason’s Jamboree," 12:15-1:30 pm on Sunday, November 3, to celebrate Jason’s ministry, to give thanks for the ways he’s shaped our lives, and to send him off to the West Coast with our prayers and blessing. Among the gifts we will present to Jason will be a “purse”– a monetary gift – to thank him for 8 years of service. To contribute to Jason’s purse, click here . You may also give by check, noting “Jason” in the memo line, and either putting it in the Sunday Plate or mailing it to the parish office. If you'd like to write a note or card of appreciation for Jason, please bring it on Nov. 3 or email it to Jennifer Turner
With life at St. Columba’s in full swing, Jason leaving, and Amy on maternity leave, I am especially glad to share news that help is at hand! The Rev. David Griswold, Deacon, already deeply involved in many of our ministries of community engagement and justice, has agreed to provide interim oversight and support of our outreach. Thank you, David!
The Rev. Mally Lloyd will be joining us as part-time interim while I search for a full-time associate rector. Mally is an exceptionally gifted priest and pastor – with experience designing liturgy, ministry among children, outreach, and more. Having spent almost ten years as Canon to the Ordinary (the bishop’s right hand) in the Diocese of Massachusetts, she is a strong leader and administrator who will be able to step right in to the fast pace of life here. Mally will be guiding and coordinating all of our worship, supporting our various worship ministries, sharing in the pastoral care and support of the congregation, and – I suspect – other duties as assigned!

Mally writes ...
"Having moved to DC recently, after having lived in Massachusetts for 43 years, I am grateful to become a consistent part of parish life again. I look forward to joining in St. Columba's worship and ministry, especially as we approach Advent, my favorite liturgical season."

Mally will begin in November, with her first Sunday on November 10. 
With DC Veale settling in as Director of Youth Ministry, Katie McGervey providing creative interim leadership of our Sunday School, and Amber Dutton-Hanlon sharing her musical gifts in our Great Hall worship, I am sensitive to the fact that each of us is adjusting to some new relationships and patterns at St. Columba’s. While change is a given in all aspects of life, it can feel challenging simply because things are not as they were. In times such as these, I take great comfort in the words of a wise senior warden who assured his children and our congregation – while awaiting the arrival of a yet-to-be-identified new staff person: “we don’t know who will come next but we are confident they will be differently great.” Got questions? Ask me . And come to the Annual Parish Meeting on Sunday, November 17.
Our consultants report that “seventy percent of all good hires were already known to someone in the congregation.” That means you probably know someone who knows someone who we want to hire to be our next Director of Children’s Ministries or next Associate Rector for Discipleship and Worship. Please spread the word, share this link , and join me in anticipating “differently great.”
The Rev. Ledlie I. Laughlin