July 1, 2019

At Sunday’s Vestry meeting, with regret, we accepted Father Morsch’s letter of resignation. We will miss his ministry, his friendly, chatty presence, as well as the classes he offered. We also understand that the circumstances of his life made it impossible for him to stay with us any longer.

In order to say goodbye and celebrate the time he had with us, the vestry will be hosting a special coffee hour on July 14. As part of that event, we will be having a card shower for him. If you wish to give Father Joel a parting remembrance, it would be appropriate to include it in your card. A basket for the cards will be on the scrip table in the parish hall.

The Vestry has started the wheels turning in preparation for the time following
Fr. Joel's departure. We ask you to pray for us and our efforts to do our work and His.

Elizabeth Edwards
Senior Warden