Dear Stevens Community,

We write to you today, still reading and learning from the @blackatstevenscoop Instagram account and the many tragic stories shared there. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I apologize to any of our BIPOC community members who may have been harmed by the impact of our school’s actions, whether intentional or unknowing. We know that bringing these experiences into public view will only serve to make our school community stronger.

A post last evening called for the Board to remove Sergio, and further, for families to withhold donations until that is done. The Board continues to support Sergio’s leadership as Head of School. While we recognize the need for change at Stevens, as stewards of this institution, we believe that we can meet the challenges this moment presents by moving forward in partnership with him. We sincerely hope that families would not withhold donations, which ultimately only hurts our students as we attempt to reopen our campuses in a very challenging environment. 

The Board pledges to make sure that every claim on the Black@ page is investigated. We also pledge to hold Sergio and by extension, his Leadership Team, accountable for developing a plan to address ongoing structural anti-Black racism in the school. In keeping with our structure as a cooperative, that plan will involve all of our constituents as well as third-party support in a transparent process including opportunities for these groups to speak to the administration directly. The Leadership Team will share more information on that shortly. 

The anger and frustration that some community members feel are palpable on the Black@ page and we cannot make that go away solely with our words. We know that we can only be judged by our actions and commitment to change. We ask for your patience as the Leadership Team, working with the Board of Trustees, puts together a plan to address these issues at the highest level. If you would like to reach the Board directly and confidentially at any time, you may do so at

We thank you for your desire to see our school grow and change, and for your passion and perseverance in making your voices heard. 

Ingrid Rasmussen
Board Chair