August 26, 2020

Dear Parents, 

We are so proud to be in a position where we can welcome students on campus and remotely tomorrow!  A huge thank you to our custodial teams, staff, faculty, and administration for the Herculean effort.  

We know the first day of school is always an important milestone that comes with great excitement (especially this year!).  We also know this year is unlike any other.  Please work with us to ensure day one goes off as expected.  With that, clusters of children or adults will not be able to gather, as we need to be 6 feet socially distanced at ALL times and ready to learn our new processes to enter our school safely.  Masks must be worn on campus while outdoors when you arrive. What may seem to be a harmless "quick"  break in practice can cause unintended quarantines, impacting many.  Thank you for understanding our collective responsibility.  

We are providing this checklist for you to reference before your child comes to school each day. 

Before Arriving on Campus:
  • Complete CrisisGo Safety iPass- Covid-19 Screener via the link emailed daily (you will be notified when an app version of the screener is launched) for each child.  This must be completed by 7:30 a.m. (AM students) and 11:30 a.m. (PM students). If your screener has a RED QR code, your child must stay home.  The school nurse will follow up with you.
  • Pack two additional masks and make sure child is wearing one (schools will have extra masks available if your child forgets their mask)
  • Pack a full water bottle, ideally one with a straw.
  • Skokie/Washburne Students: If you have your iPad, bring it fully charged.  If you do not have one - do not worry!  They will be distributed.
On Campus:
  • Wear masks properly while - snug fit covering nose and mouth.  This is for any and all persons on campus (including adults).
  • Reinforce the importance 6' of social distancing while indoors and outdoors.  

  • Have a pick-up plan with your child so they know where to meet you or the route to take home.  
  • Note that masks should be worn on walks home if children are unable to socially distance with one another.

Please also continue to reference our Planning for 2020-2021 Guide, which was updated this week. We understand that there are many new items to manage as we return to campus. While we settle into our school year, we are aware of the need to be flexible and patient as we adjust to our "new normal." This year needs to be one replete with patience, grace, and compassion. We are eager to see our students again and appreciate all that you are doing to prepare them special year


Dr. Trisha Kocanda 

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